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XS Fat Draining is a weight loss supplement which apparently defies the laws of fat loss by literally draining the fat from within the body without the need for exercise or dieting. It claims to be a 100 percent natural weight loss supplement that can be taken with no risks of adverse side effects and uses terms such as “dislodges,” “dissolves” and “drains” with regards to removing the fat from your body. According to the claims made on the official website, you can see visible results from using this product on your rear, thighs, waist and hips with a net fat loss of around two to five pounds every couple of days. It only attacks the fat cells in your body, making it healthier than other weight loss supplements, according to the site and the manufacturer. The site also contains testimonials of people that have had dramatic weight loss results in very short amounts of time just by using XS Fat Draining and no other weight loss method. It also states that you will feel no loss of energy or hunger pangs with this product and there are no efforts needed to move the process along.



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The XS Fat Draining website has no ingredients listed anywhere on the site. We did some digging around the Internet and found out that this product contains something called Orthosiphon and is listed on the website in a strange area. Orthosiphon is an Indonesian herb that may be a mild diuretic and has been used for kidney stones and as an anti-fungal/bacterial.

XS Fat Draining makes a significant amount of claims but provides absolutely nothing to back them up. The official website says this product will “drain localized fats and eliminate them from your body every day”. The problem is, it doesn’t say how. Is it from the herb? We hope so.

The official XS Fat Draining website is set up very nicely and is easy to navigate but still does not provide much pertinent information about the product. There is a section with tests but it does not tell us who performed these tests or where. The official website says there is a 100% trial for one year. The paragraphs that follow seem very weird. One of them says “You must lose at least 25 pounds in 21 days and all other excess weight in the days which follow.” Does this mean if you do not lose 25 pounds in three weeks you do not get the refund? We are not sure.

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  • The product claims to be all natural.


  • Expensive. One bottle costs $52. This is a lot for a product that does not tell us what is in it.
  • We cannot find the full list of ingredients anywhere.
  • The official website makes outrageous claims that seem too good to be true.


We are not sure what to think of XS Fat Draining because there is so little information available for it. The website has one ingredient listed which is Orthosiphon but we cannot connect this ingredient to any type of weight loss. We highly recommend sticking to a product that does not make amazing claims but instead offers you a fat burner combined with a powerful appetite suppressant.

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