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XS Fat Draining is a supplement based on Java Tea or orthosiphon. This is a unique ingredient in weight loss not commonly found in popular weight loss supplements. Java Tea is derived from South East Asia and in some parts of Australia. Java tea is a diuretic, so we are interested in finding a complete ingredient list to see if this supplement will evoke weight loss or just water loss.

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The only ingredient we could find in XS Fat Draining is Java tea or orthosiphon. This ingredient will not create a fat burning environment, nor does the literature online suggest it will. The description of XS Fat Draining claims the ingredient will break apart fat cells and force them to drain to later be expelled by the body. There is reference to the product being clinically proven, but no trials are listed and we could find no authoritative literature supporting these claims.

The creators of XS Fat Draining claim the product will also allow the dieter to lose fat with no effort on their part. This could be a reason for lawsuits in the future. Making outrageous claims is not legal in the United States and if one dieter takes the product as directed and does not lose fat, this could be considered consumer fraud.

This product is a strong diuretic and detox. Warnings on the main (and possibly only) ingredient include contraindication in patients with heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, edema, kidney disease, and alcohol dependence. Pregnant women and women who are nursing should not take the supplement either.

XS Fat Draining sells for $39.00 per bottle. The number of bottles suggested is based on the amount of weight the dieter wants to lose. More weight loss means more bottles. There is a money back refund if a dieter is not happy with the weight loss results. The guarantee reads the dieter must lose 25 pounds in 21 days so not many people will be able to take advantage of the 1 year guarantee.

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  • None.


  • More expensive than other diuretics.
  • Product guarantee requires the dieter lose 25 pounds in 21 days to receive a refund.
  • The ingredient is not a fat burner, it is a diuretic.
  • Warnings are associated with the product.


Any product that causes 25 pounds of weight loss in 21 days is unhealthy. The body can shed extra weight faster with strong, proven weight loss supplements, but this is not one of those. The only ingredient we could find was Java tea and that is a diuretic with a long list of potential health warnings. Dieters may wish to choose a proven weight loss supplement in place of XS Fat Draining.

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    Where can you but it


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    im in South Africa,i would realy lyk to knw how can i buy this and how much,and lyk to knw whatbad effect it can have on me as a growing up woman,i hate my weight so much becouse i look older than my age.