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What You Should Know

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It is important to consider your goals before choosing a dietary supplement of any kind. This way you can already rule a number of products out. While some companies focus on products that encourage weight reduction, others aim to assist men and women with muscle building. XS Muscle Supplements certainly fall into the latter category. The only product found at the time of this review for this brand was EQ-T2 capsules.

If you are striving to build lean muscle tissue or bulk up, then XS Muscle Supplements like EQ-T2 may be right for you. Although this product is not claimed to suppress hunger or speed up your metabolism, it is supposed to help you gain solid muscle mass, along with regular weight training. Like many supplement formulas available, users are directed to take EQ-T2 capsules one to three times each day. You should never exceed three capsules in a single day. Furthermore, it is important not to use this product for longer than 30 days straight.

List of Ingredients

EQ (17a-Methyl-1, 4-Androstadiene-3, 17 Diol) 35mg, T (4-Chloro-17a-Methyl-Androst-1, 4-Diene-3-17b-Diol) 20mg, Magnesium Stearate, and Gelatin.

Product Features

XS Muscle Supplements includes the formula, EQ-T2 capsules. This dietary supplement can be acquired without a doctor’s prescription through websites like suplementcentral.com for $39.95 (60 capsules). However, this XS Muscle Supplement has been discontinued. Regardless, it contains active components like 17a-methyl-1, 4-Androstadiene-3, 17-diol. Apparently this is one substance that is written like a formula. This supplement’s contents are altered inside the body, and turned into dihydroboldenone. Put simply, this is claimed to increase or promote muscle growth. When taking EQ-T2 capsules, users should not experience water weight gain or bloating. As clarified on websites that sell XS Muscle Supplements, EQ-T2 aims to heighten protein synthesis, which aids the user with packing on lean muscle mass (cellular nitrogen is retained). Unlike many other supplements on the market today, EQ-T2 is stated to stimulate the user’s appetite. It is not discussed whether or not this formula assists with calorie-burning or weight reduction at all.

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  • This product comes in a convenient capsule form.
  • EQ-T2 caps may assist users with building lean muscle tissue.


  • XS Muscle Supplements such as EQ-T2 do not aid with fat burning.
  • There are no testimonials supporting this product.
  • Some users may experience negative side effects after using supplements like EQ-T2.
  • There is no clinical data provided to support XS Muscle Supplements like EQ-T2.
  • This product has been discontinued.


When all is said and done, XS Muscle Supplements are not for weight reduction. Products like EQ-T2 capsules are specifically developed for muscle building. However, since this formula is no longer on the market, weight lifters will have to look elsewhere. In regards to dieting and weight loss, there are a number of supplements available to consider that aid with calorie-burning, improved thermo genesis, and appetite suppression.

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