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Editor's Review: 2.8 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Xtreme Cardio Dance is a series of three dance DVDs and a bonus DVD. The DVDs include Latin Cardio, HipHop, Disco and Sexy Sculpt. The name of the workout series says enough about the intensity level so dieters may want to watch the brief video on the front page of the Xtreme Cardio Dance website before buying the set. There is an official website, so dieters can take support blogs and a diet guide download after ordering. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee, but the dieter does have to pay $40 for the set plus another $10 for shipping and handling.

List of Ingredients

Dance workout for dieters who want to lose weight and tone muscles.

Product Features

The website for Xtreme Cardio Dance is a bit basic. There is one page offering a brief description of each workout and an order form. The order form asks for all credit card and personal information, so the dieter does nothing more than fill out the form and the DVDs are on the way. While the diet download and support system is unique for a DVD website, it does not add to the overall selling points of the workout program. The dieter will not gain any use from the website if the workouts are too hard to complete at home.

The Latin Cardio DVD includes sexy moves pulled from Latin dance. It claims to offer a total body workout. HipHop is the same sort of DVD, but dance moves are pulled form HipHop dance instead of Latin dance. Finally, the Disco DVD utilizes Disco moves to increase strength and cardio endurance.

The bonus DVD, Sexy Sculpt, requires no fitness equipment so the dieter does not have to make any additional purchases to complete the workout. This is a huge benefit.

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  • Four workouts for one price.
  • The dieter can choose between three dance styles.
  • The price is comparable with other multi-disc sets.


  • There are no testimonials on the official website.
  • No details about the diet plan are listed.
  • There is no money-back guarantee clearly marked.
  • The instructor is a Latin dance champion, but has no official training in Hip Hop or Disco.


Xtreme Cardio Dance is a total body sculpting DVD series that includes three different styles of dance. The dieter must read through three brief descriptions and watch a brief video before deciding whether or not the program is an ideal fit. There is no mention of diet guidelines, so the dieter may have to tailor the diet for personal needs. Though the price is right, the program may be a bit too extreme for beginners. No testimonials are available to support toning and fat burning claims.

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