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What You Should Know

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Xtreme T is a product from Peptime. The company says the supplement is like drinking an energy drink, but leaving behind the drink part. Basically, the product is an energy supplement with caffeine and other common energy boosters. We found the supplement in both blister packs and bottles, so you are more likely to find this one online or in convenience stores and gas stations than anywhere else. This is not one of those products that dieters can take for extended periods and the high caffeine content means dieters need to be cautious of taking the supplement if there is a known sensitivity to stimulants like caffeine.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine
  • Taurine
  • Vitamin B

Product Features

We did not find an official ingredient list, just mention of some ingredients in a product description. We also only found one website with the product listed, so that could mean this is an item you may have difficulty finding. The ingredient list is short and sweet. You have 200 mg of caffeine with some taurine and B vitamins. The caffeine is the heart of then supplement. It increases mental focus and energy. We see caffeine in weight loss supplements all the time, but it isn’t the ingredient we’re worried about it is the total amount of caffeine. With 200 mg of caffeine per serving, the dieter could face some negative side effects like shakes, jitters and nausea. The capsule cannot be broken in two so the dieter cannot take a half dose and work up to a full dose.

Caffeine is part of many weight loss supplements, but it is often paired with appetite suppressing ingredients like chromium and other metabolism boosters like green tea. Xtreme T does not offer either of those ingredients.

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  • We found ingredients and a product description online.
  • Xtreme T will increase energy.
  • The product is available in multiple package sizes.
  • The price for Xtreme T is extremely low.


  • There is too much caffeine per dose for some dieters.
  • The product does not appear to be available on many websites.


Xtreme T may be ideal if you need a little get up and go, but if you are looking to boost your metabolism and increase weight loss there are better supplements on the market. Without a clear ingredient list and testimonials from users, the dieter has nothing to go on but a short description that claims there are only three ingredients. While caffeine is clinically proven to boost metabolism you can find it anywhere. Dieters are looking for a supplement with caffeine and other proven ingredients for optimal results.

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