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Xvest is a weighted vest system used to increase total body weight. The Xvest is one of the more expensive weighted vests on the market and the reviews are no better than those for other products, but the maximum weight is less than those other products. You have to order your Xvest based on your waist size, which is another problem with the product. If a dieter is trying to lose weight, the waist size may change. If your waist size gets smaller you will be forced to order a smaller vest. That could get very expensive when the Xvest is more than $200.

We were unable to access the Xvest website on the day we wrote this review. The website was inoperable, but there is an official site for the product. The official site supports direct orders .There could be testimonials on the website as well.

List of Ingredients


  • Weighted vest for workouts or weight training.

Product Features

The Xvest is a brand name weighted workout vest designed to give you a better workout with weights. We found the Xvest for sale on Amazon.com where we also found several testimonials for the product. The testimonials were positive with the majority of people using them to increase the intensity of workouts or adding a bit of weight to the evening walk. There are other people who use the Xvest for a more specific use- firefighter training. When firefighters train for the pack test they have to carry a 40-pound backpack.

If you look at the fitness benefits of the Xvest you’ll not likely feel this is the best option for your weight loss workout routine. This product will not help you lose weight unless you reduce the total amount of calories you consume and that is not explained on the website.

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  • We found an official website for the Xvest.
  • The product could increase body weight and calorie burn during exercise.


  • There are no exercise workouts specifically for the Xvest.
  • The price is higher than competitor products.
  • We are not sure this product is going to help the average dieter lose weight.
  • The Xvest is sold by waist measurement – so it is not adjustable.


We like the idea of wearing a weighted vest to increase body weight and burn more calories, but we don’t like the idea of telling the dieter they have to spend more money to continue losing weight because they’ve gotten smaller as they’ve lost weight. The Xvest is one of the most expensive weighted vests and we think the product is just not worth the extra money.

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