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Xylichew is a chewing gum that is designed to help harden the enamel on the teeth of the user. This gum is supposed to be sugar free. The maker claims it is sweetened by an all natural sweetener derived from a birch tree. The active ingredient is supposed to be Xylitol which is also where the brand name came from. The company claims the active ingredient, Xylitol, can help lower the dental cavity incidences by up to 80 percent. Furthermore, the company claims chewing the gum product will help to reduce the number of ear aches in children by as much as 40 percent. The claims have not been supported by third party scientific research that can be located.

List Of Ingredients

Xylichew only provides one ingredient as being the active ingredient in their gum product. The active ingredient is Xylitol. It is likely the gum contains some kind of preservatives and an ingredient to achieve each of the varieties of flavor however, these are unknown at this time.

Product Features

The Xylichew gum contains Xylitol which is supposed to be a natural sweetener taken from the birch tree. The ingredient is supposed to provide a cool refreshing feeling in the mouth of the person chewing the gum. Some users of the gum have reported that there is no after taste when the gum is removed. The makers of Xylichew cite research that is supposed to support their claim that the gum’s active ingredient has helped to harden tooth enamel. But this research is not available to the public on the company website. It is also unknown who conducted the research or how the data was collected. An additional claim made by the manufacturer is that the gum will actually repair new cavities. The following are the products that are available from Xylichew: Chewing Gum -Xylichew Peppermint Sugar-free Chewing Gum, Xylichew Spearmint Sugar-free Chewing Gum, Xylichew Licorice Sugar-free Chewing Gum, Xylichew Cinnamon Sugar-free Chewing Gum, Xylichew Chocolate, Sugar-free Chewing Gum, Xylichew Fruit Sugar-free Chewing Gum; Mints – Xylichew Chocolate Mints Sugar-free, Xylichew Cinnamon Mints Sugar-free, Xylichew Peppermint Mints Sugar-free, Xylichew Raspberry Mints Sugar-free, and Xylichew Lemon Mints Sugar-free.

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  • Xylichew may offer gum chewers an alternative to artificially sweetened gum.
  • Xylichew claims that the gum helps to harden too enamel is attractive.
  • Xylichew claims that the gum might help to repair new cavities makes the gum tempting to use.


  • The claims by Xylichew do not seem to be realistic.
  • The research the company cites cannot be located.


Xylichew gum brand claims that the active ingredient in the gum is all natural and taken from a birch tree. They state the ingredient, Xylitol, will help to reduce the cavity incidence and can even help to repair small cavities. There is no available scientific evidence to support the claims. The company cites research that was supposed to be done on the product, however, this cannot be located. Further, the company does not indicate if the study used gum as a delivery method for the Xylitol.

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    I cannot find Xylichew peppermint gum anywhere. Why has it been discontinued in all sources?