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Xylitol is a sugar alcohol considered less potent than actual sugar, and is a popular additive in sugar-free gum such as Orbit Gum and the popular dieting gum of the same moniker in South Korea. It is also evidenced to contain fewer calories than sugar (one teaspoon is roughly 9 calories) and is safe for diabetics. Xylitol is mainly thought of a sugar substitute in the United States, but in South Korea is considered a dietary supplement, which may be why its Xylitol gum is so popular with consumers. While its diet-related benefits are as slim as Korean consumers, there is plenty of evidence proving its tooth-friendly benefits, namely its ability to prevent tooth decay.

Currently the best way to experience Xylitol is by purchasing Xylitol-infused gum or by purchasing it online through an independent distributor. Xylitol is moderately cheap, due to how easy it is to obtain the substance.


Xylitol is a common ingredient in sugar-free gum.

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Xylitol is featured heavily in sugar-free gum because of its low caloric content (nearly 6 calories lower than regular table sugar) and its safety for diabetics. Some market it as a diet supplement because of its low caloric content. There is no evidence Xylitol itself will provide any dietary benefits, but supplementing a healthy lifestyle with low caloric food may help dieters reach their weight loss goals. The only documented benefit is its ability to prevent tooth decay when used in gum, and some experts say this is due to how it prevents plaque from forming. These effects are even recognized by the FDA, which considers it a suitable substance for preventing tooth decay. Its other dietary benefits are negligible, however, and although supplementing low caloric substances may provide some weight loss, there is no substantial evidence showing this is due to Xylitol itself. It may be an appropriate sugar substitute for diabetics, however.

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  • Is very cheap and included in gum as a diabetic-friendly substitute.
  • Studies show that Xylitol helped prevent tooth decay, regardless of how it was used.


  • Is not shown to help promote weight loss.
  • Is only FDA-approved to prevent tooth decay.
  • Is only seen in gum because it often interacts negatively with yeast and other products, preventing its use in baking goods.


Xylitol is shown to be an appropriate substance for preventing tooth decay, and it is even approved by the FDA in these instances. As for its diet-related benefits, however, Xylitol is not backed as a substance that even remotely provides these effects, and in fact its only dietary benefits may be its low caloric content compared to sugar. Nevertheless, it may be a useful sugar substitute for diabetics.

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  • 1

    Is Xylitol in fat free or light yogurt such as Activia?



    No, they tend to use Sucralose, Aspartame or Splenda. I have never seen any “fat free” or “light” yogurts with Xylitol.


    Sunny Coast

    COYO is sugar free and contains xylitol