Yellow 25X Xtreme Review

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Yellow 25X Xtreme is an Ephedra based supplement that is currently listed on several websites that continue to sell Ephedra supplements despite the fact that Ephedra is banned for supplemental use in the United States. Yellow 25X Xtreme was created by Black Labs. There is no official website for the supplement company at this time.

List of Ingredients

Ephedra, Caffeine, Cayenne.

Product Features

There are only three ingredients in Yellow 25X Xtreme, but those three ingredients provide quite a punch. The 25X in the supplement name refers to the fact that 25 mg of Ephedra are included in the formula. Ephedra is a stimulant that was commonly added to weight loss products to increase heart rate and decrease hunger. Caffeine is typically also added to prolong the effect of Ephedra. Since the FDA banned Ephedra due to deaths and its use in the creation of street drugs, new products no longer include the ingredient. Ephedra was linked to increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, and death.

Caffeine is a proven weight loss ingredient, but the amount listed in Yellow 25X Xtreme is higher than needed to lose weight. The 200 mg included in this supplement is the same amount used in over the counter wake aids. These supplements, the most common one labeled as Vivarin, increases heart rate dramatically for a given length of time and then energy crashes.

The final ingredient in Yellow 25X Xtreme is cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is now thought to increase metabolism dramatically resulting in weight loss. There are no negative side effects associated with its use as a dietary supplement though some users complain of burning and pain in the stomach after ingesting the ingredient.

Yellow 25X Xtreme is currently sold for $44.99 per bottle. Sales are made through Ephedra supplement companies and are not legal in the United States.

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  • Ephedra is proven to increase weight loss and decrease hunger.
  • Caffeine is a clinically proven weight loss ingredient.


  • Ephedra can cause negative side effects including death.
  • Ephedra is no longer legal in the United States.
  • The total amount of caffeine is far higher than needed to boost metabolism.


There is no doubt that people lost weight while taking Ephedra based weight loss products. The supplements containing Ephedra were reformulated after the FDA ban, but some still claim to include the banned ingredient. It is not uncommon for weight loss companies to sell these products claiming they have Ephedra when they really do not. They may change the name of the Ephedra to something new and add another legal ingredient in its place. We have no idea if this supplement truly contains Ephedra or not, but we would stay away from it just in case.

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