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When shopping around for the right diet product or weight loss pill, you should consider the key ingredients used, and whether or not they are proven for weight reduction. While some ingredients have been proven to assist with weight loss, others are merely speculated to aid with weight reduction. You also need to make certain the ingredients are safe, and will not lead to serious side effects. Ephedra, for instance, is a substance that can lead to side effects and health problems, and this is why it has been banned. Yellow Dock Root is the ingredient we are going to look at more closely in this review. It is used in some modern weight loss pills and internal cleansing supplements.


  • Yellow Dock Root (Acedera)

Product Features

Yellow Dock Root has been used for many years, and treats conditions like dermatitis, constipation, rashes, psoriasis, scurvy, nasal inflammation, and bacterial infections. It is an herb, and some people even use Yellow Dock Root as toothpaste. It contains anthraquinones, which are chemicals that function as laxatives. However, this natural ingredient can also lead to some side effects, such as kidney problems, allergic reactions, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and even nausea.

In regards to weight loss and internal cleansing, Yellow Dock Root is likely used in dietary supplements for its laxative and stimulant qualities. After all, this natural ingredient can help trigger bowel movements, and flush built-up waste out of the colon. This typically results in some weight reduction, and it may also help remove harmful toxins and impurities from the body. However, be sure to keep in mind that this type of weight loss is not fat loss, and it is unlikely long-term. Yellow Dock Root does not actually suppress your appetite or help with fat burning.

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  • You can find a number of dietary supplements available with Yellow Dock Root.
  • This ingredient may help with rashes, constipation, and bacterial infections.


  • Yellow Dock Root does not help suppress hunger.
  • This key ingredient does not assist with fat-burning.
  • Like some other weight loss pill ingredients, this substance is not linked to real fat loss.
  • The weight you lose when taking this laxative is not permanent.


When all is said and done, Yellow Dock Root is not the best choice for weight management and fat loss. After all, this ingredient is basically a stimulant and laxative-type ingredient that helps flush out the colon. While this will help you get rid of some intestinal bulk weight, it is not the same as real fat loss. Therefore Yellow Dock Root is not a true weight loss ingredient, and is certainly not proven to help with long-term weight management.

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