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Yellow Storm Fat Burner is a dietary supplement that is used by people who want to lose weight. It is a controversial supplement due to the containment of Ephedrine. This is not the same product as ephedra which has been banned in the United States. Yellow Storm Fat Burner has been the defendant in several legal proceedings due to the alleged effects of Ephedrine. The Ephedrine ingredient is supposed to be used to help lose weight and improve the athlete’s performance. It is a common ingredient in many weight loss supplements.

List Of Ingredients

Yellow Storm Fat Burner contains Ephedrine as well as caffeine. These two ingredients are stimulants and can each produce dangerous side effects for people who are predisposition for health related issues. It is commonly believed that these two ingredients will improve a user’s ability to lose weight through fat burning. The research is not clear but there may be a slight chance this is correct. The typical dosage of Ephedrine is 10 mg but Yellow Storm Fat Burner may provide 25 mg per dose.

Product Features

Yellow Storm Fat Burner claims the user might be able to burn fat around the clock in addition to improving concentration and have elevated energy levels and metabolism. These claims have not been proven through scientific research studies however, it is likely the user will experience stimulation. Although the company states Ephedrine is one of the ingredients they also claim the Ephedrine alkaloids liked to health issues is not in the product.

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  • Yellow Storm Fat Burner may work as effectively as ephedra based products.
  • Yellow Storm Fat Burner does not require a prescription.


  • There is no scientific research to back up the company’s claims.
  • There have been safety concerns about Ephedrine.


Yellow Storm Fat Burner’s claim to help people have an increase in energy, metabolism, weight loss and attention. The primary ingredient is Ephedrine which many people have safety concerns about. The product does not present scientific information to support its claims. The Yellow Storm Fat Burner product appears to have the ability to stimulate the user based on the provided ingredient list, there is no independent research to validate the claims of weight loss and concentrations. Ephedra was banned in the United States. Ephedrine, which is what this product contains, is a cousin to Ephedra but is not supposed to have the same dangerous side effects that were linked to Ephedra. It is important for people to consult a medical doctor before beginning a regimen of Yellow Storm Fat Burner. .

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    Why does the bottle say it is not for women?