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Yellow Swarm Fat Burner is dietary supplement that is supposed to help the user achieve a greater amount of energy. The design and development of the supplement is supposed to have came from a popular energy booster provided by the Yellow Jacket supplements. These Yellow Jackets were reported to last for hours due to the active ingredient of ephedra. Since the United States banned ephedra, similar products have claimed that their formula will provide the same effects. The difference is supposed to be the new formulas are purportedly all natural stimulants. Yellow Swarm was made by NVE Pharmaceuticals. The company states it’s active ingredients are caffeine from various sources as well as herbal ingredients. The company claims the supplement will provide a burst of energy. Some people use this supplement as a weight loss product.

List Of Ingredients

Yellow Swarm claims the product will provide caffeine through four different ingredients. They are: green tea, kola nut, yerba mate, and guarana. Green tea is believed to be potent with caffeine due to the antioxidant content. Yerba mate was probably included in the blend due to the belief by some that it works as a stimulant but without the nervous side effects experienced with other caffeine sources. Other ingredients in the product is supposed to be pepper extract and Ginseng. This is through to be a provider of overall good health and provides energy. Ginseng is also thought to help improve the immune system and circulation of the blood.

Product Features

Yellow Swarm is said to contain pepper extract due the effects some people consider it to provide due to the capsicum that it contains. Capsicum is supposed to work to reduce swelling and soreness of the joints and achiness of the muscles. These claims have not been supported by scientific research. It is unknown if any of the ingredients would be helpful to anyone wanting to lose weight.

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  • Yellow Swarm might provide more energy throughout the day.
  • Yellow Swarm is supposed to work similar to the, now banned, ephedra.


  • There is no scientific research to back up the company’s claims.
  • Yellow Swarm contains vast amounts of caffeine that might cause people to have nervous side effects.


Yellow Swarm claims to be able to offer the same effects as the ephedra supplements. This has not been proven by research. However, the supplement does have many stimulants and some type of energy boost is likely. It may not be useful for a long lasting boost of energy or for people seeking to use it for a weight lose aid. People with health concerns may wish to consult their physician before beginning the supplement.

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4 User Reviews about Yellow Swarm

  • 1
    chrissy kyseth

    can this product result in a possative anphetamine in a uranalas



    No, Swarm does not show up on drug screening at all! And a four pack goes for about a dollar twenty-five at any gas station (at least around the Indianapolis area)


  • 2

    can this item be sold over the counter or behind the counter? Is it a controlled item and only use for People over 18?



    While I can’t speak for every state or country, in Indianapolis, there is no ID verification or restrictions of purchase. I find them at gas stations for $1.25 for a four pack. I do not use them for a diet plan so much as energy to work long days, but they work well.