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Sometimes dieters need to do a little research to get the real facts behind a supplement. Yerba Prima Bentonite claims to detox the intestines by binding to toxins in the colon, intestine and stomach. The product is not digested, so it moves through the intestines scrubbing away all the toxin build up. The product description is elegant, but the facts about bentonite do not support the description. Yerba Prima Bentonite is a bulk-forming laxative. The laxative causes increased bowel movements. It swells with water, which can cause constipation if the dieter does not drink enough water while taking the supplement. Moreover, dieters are advised to take one dose of Yerba Prima Bentonite every two hours for short-term use. Dieters can take the supplement every day, according to Yerba Prime. Daily use of bulk-forming laxatives, other than psyllium husk, is not safe.

List of Ingredients

Purified Bentonite.

Product Features

There are far too many supplements on the market claiming to offer health benefits with no clinical proof. Yerba Prima tries to convince the dieter that bentonite is a detox supplement, but it is a laxative. The supplement will bind with water and cause increased bowel movements, water loss, dehydration, potassium loss and electrolyte imbalance.

There are two suggested doses. If the dieter wants a daily detox, they should take one tablespoon twice a day. If the product is for short-term intense detox, one tablespoon should be taken every two hours. There are no warnings in the product description. The dieter should know of the potential side effects and contraindications with any supplement.

Bulk-forming laxatives should not be taken within two to three hours of prescription medications. Laxatives reduce the effectiveness of the medication. Long-term use of laxatives can lead to dependence. Basically, the dieter will not be able to “go” without taking a laxative.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.


  • Dieters should never take a laxative to lose weight.
  • Bentonite may cause diarrhea and dehydration.
  • Yerba Prima does not list the supplement as a laxative.


Colon cleansers and laxatives have bombarded the weight loss industry in the last three to four years. Dieters are using laxative to “jump start” weight loss, with potentially life threatening side effects. Laxatives force water and waste out of the body, but the water weight will soon return and the body weight will be regained.

Despite Yerba Prima’s suggestion of taking the supplement on a daily basis, we suggest adding fiber-rich foods to the diet instead of taking a bulk-forming laxative. Laxatives can lead to severe side effects and addiction. Dieters with a history of eating disorders should never use laxatives.

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    Your blog is completely wrong about Bentonite! Bentonite is a volcanic clay that has wonderful drawing properties and is used to remove heavy metal toxins, herbicides, pesticides and the like. It is not a laxative in anyway, shape or form so you are doing your readers a terrible injustice by stating it is a laxative on your site. I would suggest you do your research before spewing your mis-information on the web! Yerba Prima Great Plaines Bentonite is the most effective detox product on the market with no harmful side effects and the only thing you seem to say that is correct is that it never gets absorbed.