Yerba Prima Colon Care Review

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Yerba Prima is a company that specializes in the promotion and distribution of natural dietary supplements. One of the company’s primary products is Yerba Prima Colon Care. This product is supposed to improve colon health, take toxins out of the body and give the body a natural source of dietary fiber. The supplement is supposed to contain nutrients that might promote normal functioning of the colon. The Colon Care supplement is supposed to help the user expel toxins and other wastes out of their body on a regular basis. The company claims this will promote the population of good bacteria, like acidophilus and bifidus, and promote improved digestion. The company also claims that using their Colon Care product will begin right away and continue to work as a long term guardian of the colon. The product is supposed to provide the user with five kinds of both soluble and insoluble fiber. The company believes each of these are necessary for proper health.

List Of Ingredients

Colon Care claims to provide the following ingredients: Propriety Fiber Blend of Psyllium, Acacia Gum, Soy fiber, Oat bran, and Apple Pectin, calcium, magnesium, and selenium.

Product Features

Yerba Prima Colon Care claims the nutrients provided will promote a healthy digestive system. The product is primarily fiber based and would probably be better suited to be called a fiber supplement. The ingredients are supposed to be able to help the user produce a better bowel movement through the insoluble fiber bulk. The product requires the user to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day. Colon Care is also used by some people who feel cleaning the colon will provide a jump start to their weight loss diet. There is no evidence to support the idea, however it is popular.

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  • Yerba Prima Colon Care works from all natural ingredients.
  • Yerba Prima Colon Care might help to give a jump start to a weight loss program.


  • Yerba Prima doesn’t offer a money back guarantee at this time.
  • The product does not provide evidence that the colon needs additional care nor evidence that this product can provide the promised results.


Yerba Prima Colon Care is supposed to be an all natural ingredient that is made up of many different types of fiber. The product is also used by people who are about to begin a weight loss plan as a way to help jump start their program. There is no evidence that the claims made by the company can be replicated to the general public. Nor is there evidence that the use of cleansing for weight loss is useful. People who consider using the Yerba Prima Colon Care product, may wish to contact a medical doctor before beginning the treatment.

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