Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs Review

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What You Should Know

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Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs are part of a colon cleansing regiment from Yerba Prima. The Kalenite Cleansing capsules are taken with a colon cleansing powder. Colon cleansing is hugely popular among dieters, but the effect of laxative ingredients on weight loss is trivial. If the dieter is suffering from constipation, a few extra pounds could appear on the scale. The Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs will help move waste from the body and help the dieter lose those extra pounds, but it will not boost fat loss, the true measure of long-term weight loss. Yerba Prima suggests the dieter take Kalentie Cleansing Herbs for two to three months. Laxatives should only be used to treat occasional constipation.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients: Acacia gum, plantain leaf, blessed thistle herb, cloves, corn silk extract 4:1, yellow dock root extract 4:1, red clover tops extract 4:1, buckthorn bark extract 15% glucofrangulin. Natural source excipients: maltodextrin, vegetable stearine, silicon dioxide.

Product Features

Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs contains plantain leaf. The leaf is used for a long list of health issues, including inflammation and symptoms of the common cold. The leaf may help calm a sour stomach, but it does not have cleansing benefits. Blessed thistle herb fights diarrhea. Diarrhea is a potential side effect when taking a colon cleansing supplement like Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs. Cloves are commonly used in African medicine to fight diarrhea. Corn silk extract, yellow dock root, red clover root and buckthorn are diuretics. These herbs force water out of the body, reducing water retention.

None of the ingredients in Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs are laxatives. This supplement is created solely to work with the colon cleansing powder by Yerba Prima. As a standalone supplement the dieter will likely experience increased urination and dehydration. Diuretics are not safe for long-term use and have been associated with death among professional athletes.

Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs sell for $11.70 from the official Yerba Prima website. There are no testimonials associated with this product. The company does not offer a money-back guarantee and no refund policy is listed in the product description. Each bottle contains 100 tablets. Suggested dosage is one to two tablets per day for the first week. The user then moves up to one to two tablets twice a day during the second week. The third week and beyond, the dieter takes one to two tablets three times a day. It is not safe to use diuretics for three weeks or longer.

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  • The ingredient list for Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs is listed on the official website.
  • The company supports online ordering.
  • Will help the dieter reduce water retention.


  • Diuretics are associated with dehydration, potassium loss and electrolyte imbalance.
  • May cause constipation if not taken with plenty of water.
  • Formulated for use with a colon cleansing powder.


Yerba Prima Kalenite Cleansing Herbs work with a colon cleansing powder to force water and toxins out of the body. Taken alone, the supplement has a strong diuretic effect. There are no weight loss or thermogenic benefits associated with diuretics. At least one professional athlete has died from taking diuretics long-term. ​​

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