Yerba Prima Mens Rebuild Review

Editor's Review: 3.2 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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Yerba Prima is a dietary supplement company that focuses on men as a target market for much of their product line. Yerba Prima has developed a product for what they call toxic buildup. This is called Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System. The system is supposed to be based on a formula with a higher performance level than their competitor cleansing products. The company claims the formula was developed specifically for men. Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System purportedly contains three different formulas, a cleanser, a “rebuilder” and an herbal supplement. These three formulas are supposed to be all natural and are supposed to work together to achieve better health and proper digestions and nutrient absorption. The formula’s are supposed to promote the body’s natural ability to counteract toxin, expel wastes and toxins and keep a hormonal balance.

List Of Ingredients

Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System makers state the formulas include several ingredients that are targeted to cleansing the system. However the company does not disclose their complete ingredient lists. The formulas are supposed to have ingredients that will promote cleansing of all digestive organs as well as other body parts such as: intestinal tract, liver, gall bladder, kidneys and urinary system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, skin and circulatory system. The only formula that appears to be a gender specific formula is the third component of the system. This formula is supposed to contain Siberian ginseng Root, Sarsaparilla root, and Saw Palmetto.

Product Features

Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System is promoted as a cleansing system developed specifically for men. It is supposed to be able to aid in the removal of toxins, provide protection and help to rebuild a man’s system of good health. The promotional materials are developed to appeal to men however, there is little in the system that is gender specific. The company does not put forth any scientific data that would support a claim that men have different cleansing needs than women. Nor is there evidence to support the need for anyone to cleanse their entire system.

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  • Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System may provide male specific nutrients.
  • Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System says it will help to treat fatigue and toxic build up.


  • Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System does not offer any evidence to support their claim.
  • Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System does not have many ingredients that are only for men.


Men’s Rebuild Internal Cleansing System claims to be able to help improve men’s health on many different fronts. This may be a far reaching claim for a cleansing system. The product line does not put forth information to document their claims. The nutrients may help men have overall better health but there is very few ingredients that makes this a truly gender specific product.

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