Yili Balo Body Slimming Gel Review

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Yili Balo Body Slimming Gel is a weight loss cream that when applied to the skin will reduce weight, according to the product description. What we found in the ingredient list was quite interesting. This supplement contains no known weight loss ingredients, aside from tea. However, even the tea may not offer any benefit if it is not green tea or another form of tea associated with increased metabolism and weight loss. Applying tea to the skin is not a proven means of weight loss, nor is applying the other ingredients in the formula.

List of Ingredients


  • Natural chili oil
  • Natural bee glue
  • Natural extraction liquid of ginger
  • Essence of seaweeds
  • Carbopol
  • Tea
  • Water

Product Features

Natural chili oil is typically used in cooking in the United States, but never in weight loss creams. Chili oil could cause skin irritation for some users. This ingredient is likely included to give the user a heat feeling on the skin when the cream is applied. If the skin heats up, the fat must melt away – right? That’s not the case, unfortunately.

Natural bee glue, also known as bee propolis, is commonly used to support the immune system. There is no reference to how the bee glue works to reduce weight or fat stores.

Liquid ginger extract is another ingredient commonly found in oral fat burners. Ginger calms the stomach and may reduce the feeling of nausea associated with stimulant intake. In cream form, there are no known weight loss benefits.

Essence of seaweeds is not thoroughly explained. We found no connection between seaweed skin application and fat loss.

Carbopol is included as part of the cream as a lubricant. This ingredient softens the skin and has no weight loss implications.

Tea could be green tea and could provide the source of caffeine commonly found in fat loss creams. Caffeine dehydrates the space between fat cells so the skin looks smoother.

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  • Ingredients are listed online.
  • Contains tea, which could be a source of caffeine.


  • Contains ingredients better taken orally.
  • No proven weight loss ingredients.
  • May cause skin irritation.


Yili Balo Body Slimming Gel is a weight loss cream without proven weight loss ingredients. The tea could supply the caffeine needed to slim skin, temporarily, but there is no clear explanation of this ingredient so that is just a guess. There are several ingredients in this formula commonly used in oral supplements, but the effects of these ingredients when taken orally are not the same when applied to the skin.

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