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Have you ever wanted to talk to someone instead of eating that brownie on the counter late at night? YoDiet is the ideal weight loss solution. Dieters pay a fee and with that fee comes regularly scheduled telephone calls from YoCoaches. The dieter schedules the calls in advance, so there are no “on the cuff” calls precisely when the dieter is having the worst cravings, but some dieters crave foods at the same times every day, which could make the program worthwhile. The term YoDiet comes from yo-yo dieting. The company has an official website and a Facebook page to promote the company. The calls are recorded, so there is not a real person on the other end of the phone. This takes a bit of credibility from the program as the dieter can simply hang up on the call. There is a point system in place to motivate the dieter to listen to the call.

List of Ingredients

Pre-recorded weight loss motivation messages.

Product Features

YoDiet may seem like the perfect weight loss coach to have at your beck and call, but the program is quite expensive for pre-recorded daily messages. The full program costs $99 for 12 weeks and includes 7 pre-recorded messages a day for four weeks, five calls a day for the next four weeks and three calls a day for the remaining four weeks.

The official website mentions the Mediterranean Diet, but offers little information on what that means. The dieter will need to research a Mediterranean Diet before starting the YoDiet program. There are no testimonials with before and after photos and the FAQs section lists questions with no answers. Overall, the official website offers very little information on how well the program works and what to expect. There are brief bios for each of the YoCoaches, but none of the coaches has a picture or education / training information.

There is a basic program that costs just $69 for six weeks, but it includes the same pre-recorded messages. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee or how the points system is beneficial for the dieter.

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  • Messages of encouragement may help the dieter stop habitual eating.


  • Messages are pre-recorded.
  • The dieter gains points but has no idea what they are worth.
  • The FAQs section of the website is not functional.
  • No testimonials or before and after photos.


When it comes to having a motivational partner for weight loss, most dieters want a real person not a recorded message. The program offers points, but no information on what the points are used for and the diet is not explained in detail. This program is a waste of money for most dieters.

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