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Yoga Booty Ballet is a weight reduction system that involves body sculpting, yoga and dancing. This program consists of a DVD series and endeavors to assist with weight loss and the gain of lean muscle mass. Yoga Booty Ballet is by Beachbody Inc. and was created by Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough (two fitness experts). The official website claims that you’ll see results in only two weeks. Yoga Booty Ballet is primarily geared toward women and sells for around $40, which are broken down into two payments of $19.95. This weight loss program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

There are three different DVDs involved with Yoga Booty Ballet. These are “Quickstart” (it’s 10 minutes long and reveals signature moves), “Total Toning Basics” (it’s 45 minutes long and incorporates fat burning yoga and body sculpting moves) and “Advanced Abs & Booty” (it’s 60 minutes long and teaches ab workouts and booty exercises). In addition to the DVDs, Yoga Booty Ballet also comes with “The Goddess Guide,” which offers diet and workout schedule information, a Beachbody Squishy Ball for some ab and thigh workouts, free online access and a book entitled “The 7-Day Rapid Results Diet.” There are some before and after photos provided on the official website. Yoga Booty Ballet doesn’t involve taking any oral supplements. Some celebrity photos are featured on the home page of the Yoga Booty Ballet website.

Product Features

Yoga Booty Ballet is a weight loss program that is taught to users via instructional DVDs. This system is primarily marketed toward women and targets problem areas like the stomach, thighs and buttocks. Yoga Booty Ballet incorporates dancing with yoga and body sculpting exercises. This workout program consists of three DVDs, a Beachbody Squishy Ball, “The 7-Day Rapid Results Diet” book and “The Goddess Guide.” There doesn’t appear to be any substantial clinical evidence provided on the official Yoga Booty Ballet website. This weight loss program sells for around $40. The official website states that individuals considering Yoga Booty Ballet should consult a physician beforehand.

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  • Yoga Booty Ballet can be easily and conveniently purchased via the official website.
  • There are no potentially harmful diet pills involved with Yoga Booty Ballet.
  • The Yoga Booty Ballet weight loss program is offered with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • There is no real clinical evidence presented on the official website to support the overall effectiveness of the Yoga Booty Ballet system.
  • The website states that you should consult your doctor before beginning Yoga Booty Ballet.
  • There are no appetite suppressants involved with Yoga Booty Ballet.
  • Yoga Booty Ballet appears to only be marketed toward women.
  • Yoga Booty Ballet may involve too much of a lifestyle or schedule change for some individuals, especially those not accustomed to intense exercise.


All in all, Yoga Booty Ballet comes across as a fairly standard exercise regimen with a nice sense of humor. On the bright side, it’s refreshing to see a weight loss program that encourages exercise and fitness regimens. However, the fact that the official website states to consult a physician prior to starting Yoga Booty Ballet may raise a few eyebrows. It would be nice to see some actual clinical evidence presented on the official website to support the effectiveness of Yoga Booty Ballet. It’s a good idea to evaluate a number of weight loss programs and supplements before merely choosing Yoga Booty Ballet. Ultimately, unlike the many supplements that we review, your success with this product will probably come down to how good you are at following exercise routines.

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    I just started Yoga Booty Ballet and really enjoy it. Unlike a lot of other programs through Team Beach Body that make me feel worse about my physical fitness level, the instructors in these videos are positive and encouraging. Most importantly I disagree with the negative emphasis this article places on the warning to consult a physician. I am in law school, and most exercise videos contain a warning of this sort now, not because they are dangerous, but to limit the legal liability of the video company. Don’t ever let that be a turn off for you. The video companies just have to cover themselves legally.


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