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Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals is also known as YRG. This is a program that is supposed to be used by celebrities. The company who promotes the program claims that users will feel more youthful and invigorated when they begin a this yoga regimen. The company has build a market on people who may want to try yoga but who have thought of it as a new age experience. This program is promoted for people who have not previously followed a yoga regimen. The company has packaged the program in a DVD format. The creator of Yoga for Regular Guys is Diamond Dallas Page. He claims he was struggling with weight and developed the techniques to lose weight for a professional wrestling come back. His personal program was developed with the aid of a trainer as well as a nutritionist and a yogi. This team of people created a customized version of yoga. Page has now packaged his version for use by everyday people. He claims the average person can expect to burn fat, tone muscle, burn calories and develop strength by following the DVD. Page claims to took him three months to achieve his fitness goals.

List Of Ingredients

The Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals fitness system comes with comes with a free heart rate monitor, bonus DVDs, a program guide, and a poster that illustrates different fitness techniques.

Product Features

Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals is marketed as a high cardiovascular workout with no impact at all. The workout is supposed to be designed in a way to help people gain energy and flexibility. The marketers claim the Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals program takes yoga to a different level. It has been compared as a blend between calisthenics, isometric strength training and core training. An example of an exercise in the program is the push up. This is still done in the program but Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals concentrates on holding the motions for longer durations to focus on engaging the muscles rather than speed and bursts..

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  • Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals was supposed to be designed for regular people to perform.
  • Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals may be a way for an inactive person to regain strength.


  • Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals does not have any long term or comprehensive studies.
  • Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals was designed by a team led by a professional wrestler rather than a traditional fitness expert.


Yoga for Regular Guys/Gals was supposedly developed by an injured professional wrestler, Page, who was getting back in shape to return to work. Page claims to have utilized the assistance of a nutritionist, a yogi, and a personal trainer in order to develop the system. It is now available on DVD for people to use in their own homes. There are no long term studies to document the results people may or may not be achieving. Page claims to have reached his fitness goals within three months of beginning the program.

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    Chad Damiani

    I know it’s easy to dismiss someone for having worked in professional wrestling, but I think you’ve missed the beauty and simplicity of the YRG program. I can only speak for myself, but it’s completely changed the way I look at fitness. The combination of dynamic stretching, isometric movement and zone training not only improves your appearance(I’ve lost over 70 pounds), it also builds concentration, confidence and a better understanding of how your body can work for you.

    I hope people who see this article don’t dismiss the program without further investigation. They’d be missing out.