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Yoga Sandals are a specific kind of sandal targeted toward those who practice yoga and/or Pilates. This “special” footwear promises to be able to help you improve your foot strength and flexibility while also helping to improve balance and posture during your workouts. Are these sandals really worth the investment for someone who will be spending a lot of time doing yoga or Pilates, or are they just a run-of-the-mill product designed to cash in on the hype?

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Product Features

Yoga Sandals are designed using a special slip resistant material and a synthetic leather padded foot strap. The idea is that by positioning your foot as it would be when bare, with individual toe separators and heel support, you do not lose the strength and flexibility you would if you were wearing traditional shoes. By wearing traditional shoes, your foot is encompassed and therefore loses strength and flexibility, making it harder to position yourself and maintain the correct posture throughout the course of your yoga or Pilates workout. The design of the sandal also focuses on improving circulation to the arch of your foot, an area often neglected by most shoe and sandal designs. The sandals come in: Original, Fusion, Comfys, and Pedicurz. The Pedicurz line is designed for wearing to a pedicure, out on the beach, or during travel, but will not provide the health benefits of the other lines of the sandal. If you are looking for the health benefits of the yoga sandals, then you do not want to purchase the Pedicurz line, but if you want a comfortable shoe with multiple toe separators, then the Pedicurz line will suit your needs.

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  • Yoga Sandals are designed with comfort and posture in mind.
  • These are available in many different styles and colors to accommodate any taste.


  • Yoga Sandals are not clinically proven to help your feet.
  • These are only targeted at people who practice either yoga or Pilates.
  • People who require the heel strap to help keep their feet in a sandal will not see that option on these.
  • There is not a money back guarantee.


Yoga Sandals may help alleviate foot pain and keep your feet in the right position when you are working out, but without clinical proof to support them, or proof that they really are recommended by fitness instructors, medical doctors and podiatrists, we must caution against them. They will not help with weight loss directly, as this must be done through diet, exercise, and a clinically proven weight loss supplement. We recommend you do more research on your own to determine whether or not these sandals are right for you or will fit into your routine.

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