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Yogalates is a combination of yoga and Pilates. Each provides a unique workout for the body, but when paired together in one workout, experts claim the calorie burn and increased flexibility is unmatched. The first news stories hit the Internet in 2003 about this new, trendy exercise. Since that time, many websites have popped up claiming to be the original source of Yogalates. Personal trainers advertise classes and personal sessions with Yogalates being the core workout.

The name Yogalates is derived from Yogilates. Yogilates is credited to Jonathan Urla, a personal trainer and Pilates professional, as being created in 1997. Later, Louise Solomon tweaked the original and renamed the program Yogalates. Louise Solomon is based out of Byron Bay, Australia. While not many dieters will be able to take part in a personal session with Solomon, she does offer DVD series workouts.

There is no limit to the changes that can be made to the combination yoga and Pilates workout. Urla chose to keep floor work pretty close to original yoga, but other trainers have added Pilates work to various yoga poses to encompass stretching, core focus and cardiovascular workout. Yoga and Pilates are not workouts for beginners, in most cases. For the newbie, a home version of the Yogalates workout may be the best choice until some of the core moves are learned. Taking a beginner yoga and Pilates class separately could also better a dieters ability to use Yogalates.

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Exercises that combine yoga and Pilates.

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On the Yogalates website, there is no mention of Jonathan Urla or the Yogilates program. Instead, Solomon claims to be the first person to establish an exercise combining yoga and Pilates. The first Yogalates DVDs were released in 2002, but the program was established before then. Urla started Yogilates in 1997, but Solomon does not reveal whether her program was started before or after Urla.

There are six DVDs currently available. DVD 1 is for beginners who have never attempted a Yogalates, yoga or Pilates program. The other DVDs vary in intensity with some focusing on toning and others on weight loss. Each DVD retails for $35.95 with a complete set priced at $155.00.

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  • Yogalates is touted as being a focused, whole body workout.
  • DVDs can be ordered online.


  • Could be too intense for beginners.
  • The DVDs cost more than the average workout program.
  • Solomon claims to have started the fused exercise program, but Jonathan Urla is credited with its inception.
  • Classes are held in Australia.


Home workout DVDs are hugely popular with people who want to exercise with privacy in mind. Yogalates offers an entire body workout that may increase calorie burn and flexibility.

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