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Yohimbe, the natural form of Yohimbine, is a chemical commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction, but recently has been used as a dietary supplement for bodybuilders, due to one study stating that the use of Yohimbe resulted in a lower fat body index. Currently it is not approved or even recognized as a viable dietary supplement, but this does not stop its sales on popular bodybuilding websites, and its use is prevalent among bodybuilders and dieters. It is typically sold in its synthetic form, however, Yohimbine. Its simple to ingest and widely available, but is often not recommended for use other than to treat erectile dysfunction, due to the risk of overdose (40mg of Yohimbe qualifies as an overdose) and numerous side effects, including worsening anxiety conditions, raising blood pressure, and rapid heart rate.

Yohimbe is currently not considered a sufficient weight loss supplement, but the buzz surrounding it is becoming increasingly stronger, and evidence supporting its weight loss claims appear to be growing at a faster rate. This may prevent more problems than solutions, however. Find out why.



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Yohimbe is perpetuated as a fat-burning supplement due to one study conducted by The Institute of Sports Medicine in Belgrade, Serbia, which states that soccer players that took yohimbine supplements for one month noticed a substantial decrease in body fat as compared to the placebo group. No other effects were noted. It is important to note the sample group was very small — this was only tested on 20 participants — and typical studies include more participants to provide more accurate results. Nevertheless, it is compelling evidence that may require further testing. There have been other studies conducted on these findings which do not provide the same results, but this does not stop many bodybuilders from considering this a potent fat-burning aid. No group has approved Yohimbe for this use, however, and Germany has currently banned the substance because it may pose a health risk. This is mainly due to how easily dieters can overdose on the substance. Side effects of Yohimbe include high blood pressure, worsening of anxiety symptoms, and insomnia, and severe cases, where overdose was suspected, side effects included seizures and kidney failure. Therefore, Yohimbe is generally not recommended for use by anyone suffering from any liver, kidney, anxiety, and heart-related issues.

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  • One study demonstrated a significant decrease in body fat, when combined with diet and exercise.
  • Is a popular supplement that can be found cheaply online.


  • Is a severe risk to those suffering from anxiety, heart, liver, or kidney-related illnesses.
  • It is very easy to overdose on this supplement.
  • Is banned by Germany because of the inherit danger associated with it.


Early studies demonstrate fat loss among participants, but further testing — and more analysis into its side effects — is needed to confirm any weight-loss benefits for dieters. The dangers it poses to the heart, liver, and kidneys is another issue that is causing physicians to not recommend this to patients. We certainly do not advise dieters to try supplements that pose so many health risks, but there are some benefits to this supplement you won’t find in many other supplements.

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