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Yohimbine is a very common weight loss ingredient. With so many stimulants and fake appetite suppressants on the market, dieters must research each ingredient completely before choosing the right weight loss supplement. What does Yohimbine offer that is so extraordinary that so many supplements must include one source or another?

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Pausinystalia Yohimbe.

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The supplement companies have two known uses for Yohimbine. The first is as a stimulant and the next as a sexual aid for men. At least one clinical trial has been completed on Yohimbine to test its effect on weight loss. The trial included 20 professional level soccer players who were given either a placebo or the Yohimbine for 21 days. The supplemented group took 10mg of Yohimbine two times a day. After 21 days, the participants who took the placebo showed no fat loss to speak of. The participants who took Yohimbine showed a significantly lower fat percentage – 9.3% decrease. Total fat mass was also lower in the Yohimbine group. Bodybuilding websites claim Yohimbine increases blood flow during exercise. We could find no clinical evidence of this effect.

It is important only to take the proven amount of Yohimbine to reach effectiveness in the body. Supplements with less than 20 mg of Yohimbine may not have the same effect as those posed by the study. Yohimbine will not increase energy or suppress appetite so taking the supplement with other proven weight loss herbs like caffeine and green tea is a good idea.

In terms of sexual function, Yohimbine is supposed to pull blood into the male sexual organ and hold it there for prolonged erection. This could mean male dieters will have unintended sexual reactions to taking products containing Yohimbine.

Yohimbine sells for less than $10 in effective quantities. Typically, the ingredient is used in weight loss products so check the label before buying Yohimbine for use as a standalone supplement. Toxic levels of Yohimbine do exist. Yohimbine can cause increased heart rate, raised blood pressure, panic attacks and hallucinations.

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  • Yohimbine is proven to decrease fat stores.
  • The supplement is very inexpensive.


  • Severe side effects can occur when taking Yohimbine.
  • Sexual side effects could be a problem in men.


We normally support weight loss supplements or ingredients that are proven to work, but Yohimbine is different. There is a long list of potential side effects including seizures and renal failure. Patients with psychological disorders also should refrain from taking the ingredient as it can affect mental status and mood.

There are proven weight loss supplements safe for every dieter without risk of side effects. Those are the ones that promote healthy weight loss when taken in conjunction with a good diet and exercise plan.

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