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Topical fat burners are one of those products we slowly see leaving the market. These creams, like Yohimburn DF, rely on the skin to absorb the ingredients and go to work on metabolism. The same type of delivery system is used for cellulite creams – and often the same ingredients. Yohimburn DF contains a bunch of ingredients that make up the topical delivery system with two sources of caffeine thrown in for that stimulant punch. Those ingredients are commonly found in oral weight loss supplements, but typically they’re packaged with appetite suppressants and other supportive ingredients to help the dieter from multiple angles. This product does nothing more than supply the stimulant that dehydrates the space between fat cells making skin appear thinner. There is no proven fat loss benefit associated with topical fat burners.

List of Ingredients


  • Aloe
  • Distilled Water
  • Glycerin
  • Japanese Peppermint Oil
  • Yohimbine HCL USP
  • Caffeine Anhydrous USP
  • Potassium

Product Features

For a topical fat burner, Yohimbe DF contains a relatively small number of ingredients. We find aloe to soothe the skin and distilled water and glycerin to hold the ingredients in a gel. Japanese peppermint oil is the scent behind the lotion. The remaining ingredients are caffeine and yohimbine – the stimulants that cause the dehydration and potassium. Potassium is commonly added to oral diuretics (supplements that dehydrate the body), but this is one of the few times we’ve seen it added to a topical solution.

The product description for Yohimburn DF is long and detailed, but it only describes how the supplement is supposed to work in the body – not how it actually works based on clinical evidence and study. In the case of this supplement, the yohimbine is nothing more than a source of caffeine – so you’ve got double the caffeine, but how much is that? All ingredients are proprietary.

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  • We found the ingredients for Yohimburn DF listed online.
  • Caffeine will dehydrate and leave the body looking thinner.
  • Caffeine may increase metabolism if absorbed through the skin.


  • The product may not be available.
  • Yohimburn DF is a topical cream.
  • The cream could cause skin irritation.
  • The product is not backed by clinical trials.
  • We could not find evidence of testimonials.


Yohimburn DF is your typical topical fat burner. You apply the caffeine-based cream to the skin and it dehydrates that area so it looks thinner. The effect lasts a short time before the space refills with fluid and the cellulite returns. There are no long-term weight loss benefits associated with topical fat burners. The dieter may experience increased energy because the caffeine will work as normal so that could boost energy expenditure a bit, but not enough to impact weight loss.

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