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Occasionally we come across products that appear too good to be true. Yohimburn is one of those products. The topical spray claims to increase fat burn on an estrogenic level. By topical, the company means the spray is applied to the skin and not the mouth as is the case with some under the tongue energy and herbal sprays. The claims made on the official Yohimburn website include permanent fat loss and reduction of fat in localized areas. No ingredient list could be found on the website, but the description says Yohimbine is used. Yohimburn retails for $59.00 through The AF Store.

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A complete ingredient list for Yohimburn could not be found. There is mention of Yohimbine, which we can gather from the product name. The product description also refers to other herbal ingredients that help to burn fat topically. These ingredients are not listed, nor could we find a list on the Internet from third party websites.

When a product contains multiple ingredients but does not reveal these ingredients to the consumer, trust is lost. Despite the lack of a full ingredient list, topical sprays cannot work to reduce fat or increase fat loss permanently. There is no permanent cure for fat loss as fat is stored in cells that can grow and expand to meet the needs of the body. Even if fat cells are removed, other cells left behind will store fat.

Yohimburn comes in a four ounce container and sells for $59.00. This price is outrageous for a spray that contains no proven fat burning ingredients. Clinical studies proving Yohimburn works as claimed are not posted on the official website or The AF Store where the product is sold. Yohimburn is also part of the Man Book Kit marketed to help men reduce chest fat – or man boobs.

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  • None.


  • A complete ingredient list is not available.
  • The product makes extraordinary claims that are not supported.
  • Yohimbine is not effective as a topical fat burner.
  • Fat burners work by increasing metabolism – Yohimburn does not accomplish this.
  • The price is far higher than other topical fat burners.


There is no way Yohimburn will permanently remove fat from the body. Even if a dieter were to eat healthy, exercise regularly and lose tons of weight – there is always the chance of regaining weight and storing fat in cells. Fat cannot be removed but it can be burned and proven weight loss supplements work to increase metabolism to make this a reality. There will be no weight loss benefits of spraying Yohimburn on the body and rubbing unless the dieter rubs very fast and burns extra calories through movement.

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    can you please tell me more about the side effects on yohimburn?? i’ve been scanning google for more info but cant seem to find something on this, i dont want info on the gel, but rather on the capsules please.