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Everyone wants to lose weight more quickly. This is only natural, and weight loss can often be a hassle, depending on your lifestyle. Some people do not have enough time to go to the gym on a regular basis and stick to ideal diet habits. This brings us to Yoli Better Body System, a product we will scrutinize in this review. While there is an official website for Yoli products, you can purchase Yoli Better Body System via Amazon for $169.95 (the price is not revealed on the website). This is a weight loss kit that comes in flavors like chocolate or vanilla, or both.


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Product Features

The Yoli Better Body System is claimed to encourage fast weight loss. It may help you drop 7-15 pounds in the very first week. You receive free advice from a personal health coach via email or telephone, when you purchase this kit. This kit also involves whey protein shakes, which are free of artificial colors and sweeteners, as well as gluten. An Alkalete supplement is also taken as part of this weight loss program, in addition to a digestive health formula.

When using the Yoli Better Body System kit, you should notice a faster metabolism, improved muscle strength, good digestive health, faster muscle recovery after workouts, a strong immune system, and good cardiovascular health. This kit may also help strengthen bones, support healthy triglyceride levels, and encourage healthy pH levels. Each kit provides shakes to last for two weeks, one bottle of Pure for digestive health, and one bottle of Alkalete.

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  • There are some before and after photos posted on the main website.
  • Both chocolate and vanilla flavors are available.
  • Artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colors are not used in Yoli Better Body System.


  • There is no ingredient list provided for the Yoli Better Body System.
  • The cost of this weight loss system is $169.95 on Amazon.
  • There is no official price posted on the website.
  • There are negative customer reviews posted on Amazon.
  • Some people may have allergic reactions to ingredients used in these supplements.


Overall, the Yoli Better Body System kit sounds very pricey. After all, you only receive two weeks worth the shakes, and this kit costs you $169.95. That is a lot in comparison to other weight loss supplements available online and in stores. It is unfortunate that a complete ingredient list is not provided for this supplement kit. In other words, we are unsure what ingredients are used in this kit. If you take a look at the official website, you will find before and after photos, as well as contact information, but you will not find the actual price for the Yoli Better Body System kit.

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15 User Reviews about Yoli Better Body System

  • 1

    I started this system on Monday, December 1. The first day I had a headache due to caffeine in my coffee. Since switching to decaf, I am fine. I am not hungry. The shakes taste great and a quite filling. I am going to run out of Alkalete before the 30 days, due to the directions on the bottle state 1 pill for every 25 pounds that you weigh. The Alkalete instructions that came with my transformation pack state differently. The Thermoburn capsules do not make me feel jittery, I get a boost of energy about 30 minutes after taking them and it lasts for hours. I am using 1% milk with my shakes and my Yoli distributor said that was fine. I am very excited with how I feel and what I am seeing in the mirror.


  • 2

    It’s been an unreal life changing system . I’m actually saving money on food purchases and have changed bad habits while using the system !! The products are great


  • 3

    I bought the kit box.i would just like to know if its okay to take this supplements evendo im taking medication for my hearth


  • 4
    Silvia Yong

    Where can i buy it and how much does it cost.


  • 5

    I just started and I am having a hard time knowing how much of a food I can eat to equal the allowed amount of protein, complex carb etc. I am using skim milk for my shakes but it says to use almond milk which I do not like. I was also not given a choice to get the thermo burn capsules vs. the passion. I can’t hardly tolerate the passion. I am experiencing a lot of headaches and get very tired/weak throughout the day. Today was day 3 for me. I am very committed to this program but I feel like I need more guidance. I’ve always been a calorie counter so I’m finding it hard to know how much a 2-4oz. Serving of protein is of something and I feel like the calories can be significantly different depending on what protein choice you choose. Has anyone else had this problem?


  • 6
    Jan Koenigsfeld

    It sounds ok but what happens when you go off of it and bingo, you gain weight . I almost wish the price would go down and then more people would join.


  • 7

    I love my yoli it is not a diet but about getting your inner health healthy and then the side effect is weight and inches lost in less then a week! The ingredients are good and clean and also helps with hot flashes,menstrual cramping,headaches and the list goes on it basically resets your body and when your done with the program your a whole new person and feel more engerized and your actually alive and not just breathing!



    Sure would love to hear where Dale got all of that unfounded information. And if the ingredients are natural and safe, where is the list? Ridiculous. Probably sawdust. Plug your stomach with filler and fill your head with hype. Dump some natural caffeine and there you go.



    “The ingredients are good & clean….” but WHAT ARE the ingredients? Would be helpful to know due to allergies…that’s a lot of money to spend on something that could send me into anaphylactic shock.


    L.C. Woodman

    You sound like a Yoli distributor, Dale. Are you able to tell us the ingredients that you refer to as being “good and clean” so that those of us with food allergies can be aware prior to ordering? You also mention it helps with hot flashes and menstrual cramping – is that something you have experienced personally?



    All their ingredients are available directly from the website. You can go to any one of their product pages and there are supplement facts, and also a link to “download complete product brochure” which has ALL their products listed and the last page is the supplement facts for every one of them. The review above doesn’t really do it justice as this is not just one product but many products. Overall Yoli looks pretty decent, and I’m quite particular, but I’m betting you could source each item for much cheaper if you are educated and know what you’re looking for. That being said, there’s something to just having it all convenient in one program with someone else telling you what to do and how to do it. :)



    I have tried it. Absolutely true with what yoli claims. Fast weight loss without feeling that you missed your meals. No tremors or feeling like your thyroid’s overworking. Just overall wholesomeness of my body. The sports drink does wonders I have very short recovery time compared to when I didn’t drink it. Don’t doubt Yoli ever. It works wonders.


    Do you have documentation that this program does what you allege when you say it “helps with hot flashes,menstrual cramping,headaches and the list goes on”? Or is just one of your selling points? I’ve seen Yoli distributors claim that it also helps with diabetes, MS, etc., but they have no legitimate research to back up their claims. Do you?



    I have tried it. Absolutely true with what yoli claims. Fast weight loss without feeling that you missed your meals. No tremors or feeling like your thyroid’s overworking. Just overall wholesomeness of my body. The sports drink does wonders I have very short recovery time compared to when I didn’t drink it. Don’t doubt Yoli ever. It works wonders.
    My friend who is a diabetics has her regular insulin on hold now. She does have migraines a lot and now she has not called in sick fir a migraine headach. She lost 17 lbs in 2 was and 3 days. Her legs don’t swell up anymore. 4 more of my friends are yoli users now and they also believe in it.



    I just started using Yoli the end of July. I am down 25 lbs and feel so fantastic. I can verify the menstruse cramp claim. I have had horrid cramping every period since I started 17 years ago. Spend 2 days with heat packs on my back and abdomen and don’t want to move. I have had mild or no cramping all 3 periods since starting Yoli. I have also had knee pain since I was in high school…that is practically gone. I have had high blood pressure for quite a while that has not been able to be regulated with meds and it is now under control. My mom an daunting have type 2 diabetes. Both have dropped their A1c numbers in a short time. My mom went from a 7.5 to a 6.9 in just a month. 2 months after that she was below 6. In 10 weeks my aunt went from 9.7 to 6.9. Her Cholesterol also went from 205 to 177. You can Google Yoli nutrition info and look at the labels for all of their products. Just wanted to add that I am not a distributor…just a very satisfied custome. :)