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YOR Health is a supplement company selling various products and supplements for better health and weight loss. In the weight management category are two supplements: YOR MRP and YOR CompleteBurn. YOR MRP is nothing more than a protein shake mix common from many weight loss companies. YOUR CompleteBurn, however, is a supplement that claims to increase metabolism and fat burn.

List of Ingredients

Advantra Z, Green Tea, Caffeine, Garcinia Cambogia.

Product Features

Advantra Z is the first ingredient on the list for the YOR CompleteBurn supplement by YOR Health. Advantra Z is a brand name for synephrine or citrus aurantium. This cousin to ephedrine work similarly in the body to increase heart rate and blood pressure and thus increase metabolism. With a stimulant of this sort, the dieter must be aware of all caffeine containing drinks and foods consumed during the day. Overstimulation can lead to rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting and adverse side effect resulting in health risks.

Second on the list is green tea. This ingredient is all natural and safe for most dieters. Green tea does contain some caffeine so dieters sensitive to caffeine may feel a bit of extra energy when green tea is taken alone. As part of the YOR Health supplement, the Advantra Z will overshadow the effects of the green tea (in terms of stimulation). Caffeine is a clear and simple ingredient. The sole purpose of caffeine is to stimulate, which means the first three ingredients are all stimulants.

The final ingredient listed on the official website is garcinia cambogia. Also known as Hydroxycitric acid, there has been some concern in the medical community over the safety of taking this natural ingredient. One of the potential side effects could be damage to the liver.

There is a product price list for YOR CompleteBurn and other YOR Health supplements. Membership to the website reduces the price of each supplement. Basic retail cost ranges from $22.88 to $68.88. YOR CompleteBurn is at the highest end of the price range at $68.88 retail.

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  • All ingredients are listed for YOR Health products.
  • Prices are available online and direct ordering is supported.


  • You may have to pay for a website membership to order.
  • YOR CompleteBurn contains several stimulants.
  • There is no appetite suppressant in the weight loss supplement.


YOR Health offers many general health solutions. In the area of weight loss, there is only one supplement that we could find and that one is laden with stimulants. Not every dieter would be able to take this supplement without risking good health in exchange for increased heart rate and increased blood pressure. We believe weight loss supplements should be healthy and safe for everyone.

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    Elizabeth George

    Took some products i got so sick after drinking coffee with the product my breathing became shallow and my allergy flared. I can not get back to good health. What do i do to cancel the effect oft this product?