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You Are What You Eat: The Plan That Will Change Your Life is a book and dietary plan by Dr. Gillian McKeith. The book came as a result of the hit reality T.V show hosted by the author herself that aired in the United Kingdom. There are speculations of an American version of the show hitting the airwaves soon, but for now, Americans will have to settle for the book, which details a diet of abundance that will help you reduce the risk for disease, increase your energy, and help you reach your weight loss goals.

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You Are What You Eat teaches you that everything you experience in terms of pain and sleeplessness is an indication that something is not right within your body. Learning to understand what your body is telling you and treating it naturally through your diet is a better way to address the health issues you face, rather than dealing with medicinal answers. For example, McKeith says that a sore tongue is an indication that your iron levels are low, and in this case, you should start eating a higher amount of green leafy vegetables. The plan basically relies on a balance between raw and cooked foods, with emphasis on fresh produce. There is some supplementation involved to ensure the body gets exactly what it needs, when it needs it, and in the amount it needs it in. McKeith says that it is through this balance that you will notice improved health and weight loss. McKeith says it is also recommended to get at least an hour’s worth of exercise in every day, to keep your body in shape and fit. This plan is family and vegetarian friendly.

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  • You Are What You Eat also has a companion cookbook, but it must be purchased separately.
  • This eating plan focuses on health and nutrition rather than deprivation.


  • You Are What You Eat requires that you spend a lot of time on food and meal preparation.
  • Following this eating plan could be too expensive for some.
  • This plan does not address a specific exercise routine to follow.
  • This plan makes recommendation of colonics, which may not be desireable for some.
  • The plan may be difficult for some to understand and learn how to implement.


You Are What You Eat is a good way to approach weight loss, because it focuses on good, quality, nutrition, and plenty of exercise. The problem with this program lies in the complexity, expense, and time commitment, as it is rare that many people will have the dedication and ability to stick to it with these three major issues. With the fast pace of today’s lifestyle, it is hard to invest a lot of time into diet and exercise, and if something is too hard to follow, many people find it easier to go back to the quick and easy way of eating.

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