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You Are Your Own Gym is a fitness book written by. It works on the premise that you can use your own body and its weight to exercise, so you do not need a gym or any other special equipment to workout and lose weight. In fact, it goes so far as to say that any and all external equipment used to workout is bad. So, is the author of this book onto something or is he just another person who is out there sharing his theory in hopes that it will work for enough people to get him some recognition? No matter what the case may be, read this review to see what we think of the concept in this book.

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You Are Your Own Gym is a series of exercises put together in various workouts that you can follow from the comfort and privacy of your own home, without the use of additional equipment. The exercises focus on using your bodyweight as the gym equipment, which makes it easier for most people to do. There are four different levels of workouts, starting out from very easy, to incredibly advanced, and there is a rapid progression from one level to the next throughout the book. The book does a good job at illustrating and explaining the exercises, as the instructions are easy to make sense of. Many people have trouble with exercise books, because the descriptions and illustrations lack valuable and necessary information, which can lead to doing the exercises wrong. If you are doing the exercises wrong, you won’t see the results you are looking for, or that the book promises.

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  • You Are Your Own Gymfocuses on providing exercise without additional equipment.
  • Clear, well-written instructions and descriptions help to ensure people are doing the exercises correctly.


  • You Are Your Own Gym insinuates that if you workout just 20 to 30 minutes a day four to five days a week, you can completely change your body and be as good as his SpecOps troops.
  • Simply reading a book will not produce weight loss.
  • Exercise alone will not typically produce weight loss.


You Are Your Own Gym does a good job at providing you with easy to understand exercises you can do anywhere, anytime, using nothing more than your own body weight. There are some assumptions and inferences to be made about whether or not any and all exercise equipment is really bad, and comments made about how everyone should have the willpower to change their lives through exercise, but overall, the fundamentals of this workout are good. However, it is important to remember to address diet and nutrition as well as exercise if you want to lose weight.

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