Young, Energetic, And Slender (YES) Review

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Young, Energetic, and Slender, a product also known as YES, appears to be a supplement that is intended to help users lose weight. There are claims listed on the website that suggest that this product will help you to lose weight fast. In this review we will go over the information that is available to us regarding Young, Energetic and Slender so that we can determine whether this product can actually deliver the claims that have been listed on the website.


We have found a list of ingredients for Young, Energetic and Slender (YES) on the product’s official website. This list contains the following ingredients: Cha de Bruge, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B12.

Cha de Bruge is a naturally existing plant that can be found in the South American rain forests. It is said that it was used for years and years before it was ever marketed as a weight loss supplement. It is most commonly sold along the beaches of Brazil in a tea. This is what some may believe to be the secret to the Brazilians having such a reputation for having great, slender bodies. And it has also been shown that after the plant was scientifically analyzed the phytochemicals in the plant, it was discovered that Cha de Bugre has been found to contain a valuable source of caffeine (found in the red cherry fruit), potassium, allantoin and allantoic acid. Vitamin B12 is good for both increasing energy and improving the circulatory system.

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There are claims that are made on the website that may suggest that Young, Energetic, and Slender (YES) is produced from the extracts of the plant that is known as Cha de Bruge, which is native to the South American rain forests. It is said that this plant contains a powerful extract that can help you to reduce your hunger and burn fat, which may help you to lose weight at a faster rate than you normally would without using a weight loss supplement. It is even compared to Ephedra in regards to having the same fat burning and appetite suppressing effects, but it is said not to have any of the dangerous and harmful side effects that are brought on by that now-banned stimulant. However, some within the medical community contest that further research needs to be done.

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  • There appears to be a free trial available at this time.
  • May not have the same side effects as Ephedra.


  • This product may contain caffeine which may not be good for some people that suffer from high blood pressure.
  • It appears as though there may not have been any clinical trials done on this particular produc that can back up these claims.
  • Young, Energetic and Slender appears to primarily be a stimulant product, which could result in a “crash” effect for some users.


Cha de Bruge is claimed to have been used by native people in South American rain forests for centuries as an appetite suppressant. Some of them may have even called it the miracle tree. Sadly, although the ingredient may have years of use by these rain forest natives to back up the claims that have been made, there were still no specific clinical trials that appear to have been done in relation to this popular ingredient, and its inclusion in Young, Energetic and Slender isn’t enough to make this supplement stand out for us. Most potential customers may still choose to go with another product that may have more evidence to back up weight loss claims.

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