Younger (Thinner) You Diet Review

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Dr. Eric R. Braverman authored the Younger (Thinner) You Diet book. According to the author, taste buds are to blame for loving food so much. It is the brain that causes weight gain and retraining the bran is the answer to losing weight effectively for good. In addition to promoting weight loss, Younger (Thinner) You Diet is supposed to reverse the signs of aging.

List of Ingredients

Power packed foods to reduce weight and reverse aging effects.

Product Features

There are three main claims made by Dr. Eric Braverman with the Younger (Thinner) You Diet. First, there are natural foods that increase dopamine in the body. Dopamine communicates to the brain when to burn fat. The second includes information on how to choose the best possible foods to lose weight without feeling hungry or deprived. The final claim is the ability to personalize any diet with the Younger (Thinner) You Diet approach no matter what kind of health problems stand in the dieter’s way.

The only information offered on the official Younger (Thinner) You Diet website are the abovementioned claims. IInformation on approved foods and methods behind the weight lost are not revealed. When this is the case, customer reviews are the next best source of information. Consumers who purchased the book found much of the information hard to read. There is more than one testimonial claiming the scientific aspects of the book far outweigh the simplicity of the diet. If too much information and huge medical words are thrown at the reader, the positive weight loss strategy will be lost.

Other reviews claimed the recipes were bland even with the addition of many herbs and spices that are supposed to have a positive impact on the brain. Dr. Eric Braverman also advocates the use of artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are often thought to contain chemicals that may increase hunger and are typically avoided in healthy eating plans.

The Younger (Thinner) You Diet book sells for $10.87, but can be ordered for less online.

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  • Some of the healthy eating concepts may decrease overall calorie intake.
  • The book is priced less than comparable dieting books.


  • Scientific information may be hard for dieters to understand.
  • The Younger (Thinner) You Diet pushes artificial sweeteners.
  • There is no information on exercise on the official website.
  • No description of the diet or book price is listed on the official website.


Diet books are a dime a dozen and the Younger (Thinner) You Diet approach is just another to add to the long list. Dr. Eric Braverman attempts to reveal the secret to weight loss and anti-aging with a brain and dopamine based approach. The result is a book that is difficult to read full of bland recipes.

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