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Joy Bauer is the author of Joy’s Life Diet and Your Inner Skinny. In fact, both books offer the same information. The original book, Joy’s Life Diet was published in hardcover. When the paperback was printed, the name was changed to Your Inner Skinny. Changing the name of a book may be a bit confusing for the consumer or dieter. If the books have two different titles, the author may just lure the dieter into buying two of the same, exact books.

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Methods of losing weight by health expert Joy Bauer.

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Joy Bauer is a health expert and owner of a large nutrition center. She has authored three books including Your Inner Skinny. Bauer is probably best known in the United States as the health expert for the Today Show. Your Inner Skinny promotes four steps to achieve a healthy weight. The four steps are to let go of harmful eating habits, reprogramming appetite, reshaping the body and revealing the new you to everyone around you.

Both Joy Bauer and Joy Bauer Nutrition have official websites. The main website is a fee-based site that offers a free diet profile before joining the site. The terms of service and help sections of the website do admit that many of the functions on the website are subscription and fee-based, but there is no fee amount listed.

None of the official websites explains the Your Inner Skinny program with enough information to allow the dieter to make an educated choice. One online review does offer a bit of insight, however. The first stage of the Your Inner Skinny Diet lasts one week and the book includes to do lists and information on how to get rid of old diet ideas in preparation for the new diet. The second stage lasts only two weeks and the dieter learns how to make correct food choices during this step. Stage three is the bulk of the diet where weight loss occurs. This stage lasts until the dieter has met their weight loss goals. Your Inner Skinny retails for $11.55.

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  • Relearning how to choose proper foods may improve weight loss success.
  • Your Inner Skinny is priced less than other books.


  • There is no new information according to many consumers and dieters.
  • The book has two titles.
  • Joy Bauer offers a fee-based website for support.


The perfect solution to weight loss is eat less, move more. Joy Bauer, as a health expert, must understand this fact but chooses instead to promote a line of books aimed at changing the way people look at food and food choices. The advice may be sound, but the literature is old news in a new cover.

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