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What You Should Know

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Youth Addict Torch’d is an appetite suppressant and fat burner with only three key ingredients. The supplement claims to set fire to fat and create lean “sports junkies” and “fitness freaks”. There are no product reviews but there is one testimonial for the product supporting the product for increased energy and no crash. There is no mention of weight loss or fat loss in the testimonial and no before and after pictures are included.

List of Ingredients

Theobroma Cacau Seed, Caffeine Anhydrous, Dimethylpentalamine.

Product Features

The first two ingredients in the Youth Addict Torch’d supplement are stimulants. Stimulants are common in fat burners, with caffeine anhydrous being the most common around the world. Theobroma is a caffeine derivative that is listed as a diuretic in Torch’d. Diuretics do not increase weight loss permanently. Instead, these ingredients flush water out of the body causing temporary dehydration that measures as weight loss.

Caffeine does increase weight loss, but often weight loss supplements like Youth Addict Torch’d will include a ton of caffeine creating negative side effects like jitters and nausea. When caffeine is packaged with another stimulant, like Theobroma, the intensity of the energy and potential for side effects are both increased.

Dimethylpentalamine is described as germanium oil constituent. When we researched germanium oil, we found it to have diuretic qualities and mood uplifting effects. One diuretic is too many for a fat burner, but Youth Addict Torch’d chooses to incorporate two. Again, this ingredient will not support health weight loss.

Youth Addict Torch’d sells for $49.95 from the official website. Aside from the ingredient list, one testimonial and the add to cart button, there is very little information on the supplement that is proven or supported with clinical research.

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  • Youth Addict Torch’d lists all ingredients on the official website.
  • Ingredient descriptions are generally true.
  • Caffeine can increase metabolism.


  • Two of the three ingredients have stimulating properties.
  • Two of the ingredients are diuretics.
  • Only one testimonial is published.
  • No before and after testimonial photos.
  • Clinical studies are not used to support ingredients.
  • Weight loss with Youth Addict Torch’d will be temporary.


Stimulants are an essential ingredient in a fat burning supplement, but there is a fine line between fat burners and energy pill. Youth Addict Torch’d is an energy pill. Claims of appetite suppression must be directly linked to the caffeine and stimulant properties as there are no appetite suppressant ingredients.

Dieters need to look for a weight loss supplement that is proven to work and safe for all dieters. Youth Addict Torch’d is clearly not that supplement. Green tea and chromium are two trusted and proven ingredient that could have been added to Torch’d to make a better product.

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