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As you may have noticed, there are plenty of Acai-based supplements constantly emerging. Maybe you have seen a few advertised on TV infomercials, or spotted one online through a random advertisement or pop-up. Regardless, these supplement formulas are everywhere, and most of them are claimed to provide the same benefits. One of the many Acai products offered online is Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse. However, there is no longer an official website available for this supplement, and this may be due to various reasons.

List of Ingredients

Not available.

Product Features

Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse is a capsule formula that contains the key ingredient Acai Berry Extract. As for the cost of this product, it is not revealed. According to some online complaints, Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse was offered as a free trial, and the purchaser simply paid $7.19 for shipping/handling fees. However, the company that sold this supplement would then charge $101.98 to the credit card of the buyer. Clearly this caused numerous online complaints about this “weight loss” formula.

To put it simply, there is virtually no information offered on Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse anymore. However, it is clear that these Acai-based supplements endeavor to encourage regularity, boost immune system levels, combat free radicals, aid the digestive system, and even help increase the metabolism. Pretty much any Acai-based supplement you look up online is quoted to do these same things. Whether or not Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse actually works is unknown. As for the key ingredients used in this product, the only one known is Acai Berry Extract, which is taken from a unique berry fruit found in Brazil. Although this fruit is known for its nutritional qualities, it will not necessarily aid with fat loss.

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  • Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse was available conveniently online.
  • This product came in a simple capsule form.


  • There is no research provided to prove Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse aids with fat loss.
  • There are numerous complaints about this supplement posted online.
  • When you purchase this product, you will be billed $101.98.
  • The free trial offer is a scam.
  • The ingredients for Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse are not revealed.


When all is said and done, it is certainly wise to avoid dietary supplements like Youth Nutrition Acai & Colon Cleanse. After all, this product was clearly a scam. Fortunately the official website for this supplement is no longer available. You should be leery of any diet products that do not disclose their ingredients. Furthermore, it is wise to avoid Acai-based supplements that are offered in “free trial” form. The reality is these are not free trials at all. You will likely be charged a steep amount once you request the “free trial.”

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