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Resveratrol is a supplement that has been clinically studied for health benefits. The benefits found in animal studies include cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory. Typically, products containing Resveratrol, like Youth Res Max, promote the cream or supplement for anti-aging benefits. Youth Res Max does not have an official website. Instead, the product is sold through an affiliate program. Anyone can sign up for the program and promote Youth Res Max. The claims on these affiliate websites are rarely supported with real scientific data, though much support is available for Resveratrol. Youth Res Max is also promoted as Youth ResV Max and Youth ResV Pro. There is no information on the manufacturer of the Youth Res products and all affiliate links we could find for the “free trial” were either dead or linked to a website not associated with Resveratrol or Youth Res Max.

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There is much confusion about the Youth Res products. In some descriptions, the Resveratrol supplement is referred to as a cream. In other descriptions, it is referred to as a pill. Most often, Resveratrol is added to anti-aging creams to reduce the signs of aging and consumed as part of a supplement for anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits. Clinical studies support the use of Resveratrol for a long list of ailments and conditions, but none includes weight loss. Some affiliate websites claim Resveratrol can help flush toxins out of the body and thus promote healthy energy conversion on a cellular level. We could find no proof this is how Resveratrol or Youth Res Max works in the body.

Affiliate websites are used to promote a product and link to the available free trial. This is how Youth Res Max is supposed to work, but no links lead to the sales page we were looking for. There is some information available stating the free trial charged only $4.95 for shipping and handling. Future orders could cost as much as $59.95, which is the going price for other Youth Res products.

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  • Some information, especially benefits, is easy to find online.
  • Free trial offer is available.
  • There could be a money-back guarantee.


  • No official website.
  • Affiliate links no longer work.
  • Product does not seem to be for sale.
  • Manufacturer unknown.
  • Resveratrol does not increase energy.
  • Claims are not supported with clinical evidence.


Youth Res Max is one of three main Youth Res products. Each of the products makes the same claims and affiliate websites for each seem to be mirrors of other products and product descriptions. None of the Youth Res Max affiliate links currently works nor do any of the links for other Youth Res products. Dieters may want to seek out other supplements or creams if they are looking for a Resveratrol source.

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