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Youth Res-V is marketed as an anti-aging and weight loss supplement. The official website and all affiliate links leading to a free trial of the product no longer work. This could mean the manufacturer has decided to pull the product from the market. One link led to a Resveratrol supplement. Resveratrol is the main ingredient in Youth Res-V. When no official website is found, dieters must rely on outside information to judge the product and risk buying out of date supplements.

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There are no complete ingredients lists to be found for Youth Res-V. We did see the ingredient Resveratrol mentioned, so we assume that was the main ingredient in the supplement. Other natural ingredients could be included in the supplement, but that is hard to tell without proper information from an official website or active affiliate link.

We were immediately confused by the description of the Youth Res-V product. Pictures show a bottle, which leads us to believe it is taken in supplement form. However, some product descriptions talk about a serum or cream. This conflicting information could leave the dieter wondering how the supplement main ingredient, Resveratrol, is delivered.

Free trial and money-back guarantee information can be found on several websites dating to 2008, but no new information was found. None of the links led to a product that a dieter can buy now and most lead to other supplements that have nothing to do with Youth Res-V. There is no known link between Resveratrol and weight loss. Most Resveratrol products are promoted to produce anti-aging effects not weight loss benefits. Some Youth Res-V information goes so far as to claim fat melting from the body, but clinically it has not been proven to have effects anywhere near these claims.

Youth Res-V sold for $59.95 a month. We cannot tell if that price was after the free trial or as part of an auto-ship program.

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  • There are plenty of websites offering Youth Res-V for sale.
  • Free trial claims are published.
  • There could be a money back guarantee.


  • No website links lead to Youth Res-V.
  • The product could be a serum or a supplement.
  • Resveratrol is not proven to increase weight loss.
  • There is no complete ingredient list.


If a dieter cannot find a product online for sale, there is no way they can buy the product or take part in a free trial. If a product has a good money back guarantee, there is rarely a reason not to at least try the supplement, but Youth Res-V is not listed for sale through any link we could find. Linking to new affiliate products from old information can be detrimental to any online business.

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