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The Yukon Ab Crunch machine is a piece of fitness equipment focused on just abdominal exercises. There are many such machines available for sale and most claim to increase abdominal definition and weight loss. The abdominal muscles are some of the smallest in the body and are often covered with a layer of abdominal fat. No matter how much work is done to define and strengthen abdominal muscles, if that fat layer is not slimmed, the muscles will not be visible. Another concern is the nature of the stomach muscles in terms of calorie burn. Bulking abdominal muscles is nearly impossible, which means the overall impact of this muscle group on calorie burn is minimal, at best. The Yukon Ab Crunch machine utilizes weight plates to increase the stress on ab muscles. These plates could, theoretically, increase the ability of the machine to burn calories if used for extended periods of time.

List of Ingredients

Abdominal fitness machine and weight plates.

Product Features

Yukon Fitness sells the 85-pound abdominal machine for $249.99. The weight plates are sold separately and retail for $359.99 per 300 pounds. There are very few dieters who will need, or be able to use, 300 pounds of plate weights on an abdominal machine. While these plates could be used to increase intensity levels for other exercises, that is not the purpose of the Yukon Ab Crunch.

The weight capacity for the Yukon Ab Crunch is 200 pounds. Consumers thus are advised to purchase 100 pounds more than they can safely use on the Yukon Ab Crunch machine. With a total price of more than $600, it seems the Yukon Ab Crunch machine is more suited for a gym than a home. The width of the machine at nearly three feet is also wider than most spaces dedicated to an abdominal machine. Overall, consumers could spend the $600 on fat burners and a yearly gym membership and get more bang for their proverbial buck.

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  • Information on the Yukon Ab Crunch is easy to find online.
  • The machine ships within 24 hours of ordering.


  • The Yukon Ab Crunch is a dedicated fitness machine.
  • Weight plates are sold with 300 pounds but the machine only holds 200 pounds.
  • Consumers will not see weight loss benefits from dedicated use of an abdominal machine.
  • The total price for the machine and weights is more than $600.
  • The machine weighs 85 pounds.


The Yukon Ab Crunch machine is not something most dieters will get much use out of in a personal setting. The machine holds 200 pounds of weight plates to increase the resistance and stress on ab muscles, but without a proper diet and fat burning regime, these muscles will never be seen.

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