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One “natural dietary fiber ingredient” used in some foods these days is Z Trim. The official website for this substance states that Z Trim can be added to foods for appetite control, fat replacement, binding, shaping and emulsification. Z Trim gel is a natural component that doesn’t contain calories. It was developed to USDA standards and is supplied to food manufacturers all over the world. The purpose of this ingredient is to substitute or replace fat in order to lower the calorie amount in certain food products. While Z Trim is claimed to have an exceptional taste and texture, it additionally adds structure to some foods.

For dieters and health-conscious individuals, Z Trim (made from plant fiber) basically means up to 80% fewer fat calories in food. Naturally consuming less calories means less fat to burn. This substance can assist some dieters with weight reduction. As opposed to many other modern ingredients, Z Trim aims to act like fat, or provide the same texture as fat does in foods. Over time, this active ingredient can potentially lower cholesterol and reduce the user’s intake of trans fats and saturated fats. Some common food products that Z Trim is added to are baked goods, meat, dairy foods and dressings. Z Trim can even be added to liquid blended mixtures to keep them in a blended state longer so that they won’t separate.

Product Features

Z Trim is a substance that comes from insoluble plant fiber. This ingredient is added to numerous dairy, meat, sauce and bakery foods in order to potentially reduce the fat calorie content. This substance can be consumed by women and men alike of all ages. Z Trim may lower the user’s cholesterol levels, and also lead to weight loss. This weight loss is achieved through the consumption of fewer calories. In 2006, Z Trim won an award at the Food Ingredients South America International Exhibition for Solution and Technology. The award was for most innovative new ingredient.

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  • Z Trim can be used to take the place of fat in certain foods, which can lead to weight loss.
  • Z Trim may lower cholesterol levels in some users.
  • Z Trim is an all-natural plant soluble fiber.


  • Some individuals could potentially have an allergic reaction to Z Trim.
  • Z Trim doesn’t appear to be for sale to consumers, just food manufacturers.
  • Z Trim may alter the flavor of certain foods, which may not be desirable.
  • Z Trim may not be a significant solution to weight loss.



More and more as time goes on, ingredients like Z Trim are becoming more prevalent. On the bright side, natural substances like this can be beneficial to those striving to lose excess body fat. Furthermore, if Z Trim can really lower cholesterol levels, it may be able to assist some dieters with eating more healthy. In the end, it’s definitely a good idea to speak with a food specialist, licensed physician or dietician before consuming food products that contain the fiber substance Z Trim, just to be on the safe side. We’re excited to see what this engineered new ingredient does in the future!

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    Thomas Layne

    I have references to Ztrim being available to consumers as a powder and a gel, but have not found them. Is it, indeed, not available to consumers?


    Thomas Layne

    I have seen references to Ztrim being available to consumers as a gel and a powder, but nothing precise.



    I bought this years ago as a powder. INdividually, as a consumer. I figured they still sold it to people.