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Zand Cleanse Today is a daily supplement promoting regular bowel movements. At times, eating unhealthy foods can cause temporary or long-term constipation. During these times, consumers often choose a natural or stimulant laxative to increase bowel movements and relieve constipation. Zand Cleanse Today is a daily supplement that claims to decrease the need for these natural laxatives by promoting healthy bowel movements on a regular basis.

List of Ingredients

Fiber, magnesium, milk thistle seed, amylase, cellulase, Invertase, lactase, lipase, malt diastase, rosemary plant, ginger root, dandelion root, sage leaf, oat seed bran, flax seed meal, vegetable cellulose fiber, alpha lipoic acid, broccoli heads concentrated extract, kale leaves concentrated extract, nettle leaves concentrated extract, L-glutathione, cabbage leaf, maitake mushroom concentrated extract, barberry bark, Bupleurum root and Lonicera flowers.

Product Features

Many of the ingredients used in the Zand Cleanse Today are the same used in temporary laxatives and traditional cleansing supplements. Typically, cleanses are supposed to be used only once or twice a year to clean out the bowel system, but Zand Cleanse Today claims the supplement can be used daily. Daily use of natural laxatives can lead to addiction. The bowel will no longer function normally without the use of these laxatives, which can lead to long-term constipation.

The official website does offer a complete ingredient list and amounts for each ingredient. This is far more than most cleansing supplement websites are willing to offer. However, the fact remains that using a product like Zand Cleanse Today can lead to dependence on natural laxatives.

Weight lost while using the supplement will be attributed to water weight and diarrhea, in most cases. This means that the dieter will regain the weight as soon as supplement use is discontinued. Warnings on the official website warn that the supplement is not to be used by children and for long-term use. The reference to a daily supplement and then the negation with a warning about long-term use can be confusing to the consumer. Zand Cleanse Today sells for $9.19.

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  • The cleansing supplement is priced lower than comparable supplements.
  • Some weight loss may occur because of water weight loss.


  • Long-term use is not supported though the product claims to be a daily supplement.
  • Weight loss will not be permanent.


Zand Cleanse Today contradicts itself between the literature and the warnings listed on the official website. The literature and claims state the supplement should be used daily, but the warnings divulge the supplement is not to be used long-term. Consumers and dieters may read this information and not understand how the supplement is supposed to be taken. For dieters, weight loss will not be permanent and they may find more support reaching their weight loss goals with a fat burning supplement.

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