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Zand is a nutraceutical company specializing in herbal formulas. According to the official website, cleansing is the main product line offered by the company. Cleansing is quickly becoming a major player in the weight loss industry, but most claims of fast weight loss and boosted fat burn are laden in the effects of diuretics and laxatives. Zand sells quite a few cleansing supplements.

List of Ingredients

Cleansing and natural herbal formulas.

Product Features

There are eight categories of supplements offered by Zand. The categories are Premium Nutritional Supplements, Cold and Flu Formulas, Kids’ Products, Ginseng Formulas, Womens’ Formula, Cleansing Formulas, Herbal Lozenges and Traditional Herbal Extracts. All products are sold online through VitaDollar, but not the official Zand website.

Some of the formulas offered by Zand include a complete ingredient list in the description while others leave out most of the ingredients with just a mention of one or two of the most important ingredients in the formula. This can lead to distrust from the consumer who is looking for a complete ingredient list to research before buying a product. Zand also offers no testimonials or clinical trial information for any of the manufactured supplements. Without this information, the dieter or consumer is left with little reason to trust the company.

For the dieter trying to lose weight, there are few Zand supplements that will truly help with long-term weight loss. A few of the colon cleansing and diuretic supplements may temporarily increase weight loss, but the effect will only last as long as the supplement is taken. In terms of natural laxatives, this could be only one or two weeks. Once the supplement is stopped, most of the weight lost will return in the form of fluid retention.

The prices for Zand supplements are comparable to other companies and may be lower in some cases. Without direct sales through the Zand website, the consumer is forced to adhere to the return and guarantee policies of third party retailers.

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  • Ingredient lists are included online.
  • Zand offers herbal formulas.


  • No weight loss supplements are listed.
  • Natural laxatives can lead to dependence.
  • All sales go through a third party website.


Losing weight is all about finding just the right supplement to use in combination with a low calorie diet and exercise plan. Zand does not offer support in this area. Instead, they offer a line of lozenges, cleansing agents and other herbal remedies for illnesses and common ailments. Without a weight loss supplement in the product line, the dieter may find more success searching for a supplement that includes premium ingredients like green tea and caffeine to increase weight loss. Otherwise, the use of colon cleansing products like those offered through Zand may lead to fast weight loss followed by weight regain.

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    mary stafford

    does ur 7 day quick cleanse have something for fluid in them, i take lasix and dont know if i should take them during this program