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Nature’s Bounty Calcium helps support bone health, but there is a hidden weight loss benefit to taking calcium supplements. According to clinical research on mice, low-fat sources of calcium promote fat loss. The mice who took in high levels of calcium, lost 69-percent of their body fat. Dieters tend to skip out on calcium-rich foods because they tend to be high in fat and calories, but there are low-fat and low-calorie foods and drinks that supply enough calcium to promote fat loss. For dieters who cannot or will not include calcium-rich foods, calcium supplements may offer some weight loss benefits.

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Nature’s Bounty Calcium is available in various forms. Experts agree that calcium needs to be taken with vitamin D, zinc and magnesium to increase absorption. Otherwise, very little of the calcium amount listed on the product label will actually be absorbed by the body. Currently, the recommended daily intake of calcium is 1,300 mg for women and 1,200 mg for men. Most dieters do not consume anywhere near that amount.

Nature’s Bounty Calcium contains between 500 and 1,000 mg of calcium. This is sufficient for supplementation, because many foods contain calcium. Dark vegetables, certain fish and oats all contain calcium. These foods are also high in fiber and low in calories so dieters can include them in weekly diet menus and still lose weight.

Nature’s Bounty Calcium is available from the official website. Dieters can also find the supplements at local grocery stores with vitamin aisles and vitamin shops both online and offline. The price is much lower for a calcium supplement than a fat burner.

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  • Nature’s Bounty Calcium is available with vitamin D.
  • Calcium is proven to increase fat loss in mice.
  • Calcium is crucial for bone health.


  • Not all Nature’s Bounty Calcium includes vitamin D.
  • Dieters should take zinc and magnesium with calcium to increase absorption.
  • Clinical studies have not been completed on humans.
  • The animal studies used powdered milk.


Too few dieters get the required amount of calcium from diet alone. In addition, experts believe few people get enough vitamin D. Nature’s Bounty Calcium may improve fat loss and the dieter gains the benefit of taking vitamin D as calcium is better absorbed when taken with vitamin D. If the supplement does not contain zinc and magnesium, the dieter should take these supplements as well, which could increase the total cost of calcium supplementation for weight loss. Even with the added cost of these two additional supplements, dieters will spend less on calcium than other supplements for weight loss and the effect is without negative risks and side effects common with many weight loss supplements.

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