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The product description for Nature’s Bounty Cranberry is short and sweet. The supplement supports urinary health, but there is something more to the supplement that the company does not bother to list in the small description. Cranberry is also a diuretic that increases urination and helps relieve water retention. Some dieters suffer from water retention and need a natural or prescription diuretic to solve this problem. Other dieters use diuretics like Nature’s Bounty Cranberry to lose weight quickly. Cranberry will cause water loss and the scale may show a slight difference when cranberry is used on a daily basis, but it also increases kidney function and leaves the body dehydrated. Prolonged use of diuretics can lead to loss of potassium and muscle cramping. Weight lost while taking diuretics will return as soon as the dieter stops taking the supplement.

List of Ingredients

Cranberry extract.

Product Features

There is nothing more than cranberry extract in Nature’s Bounty Cranberry, but that doesn’t mean the supplement is weak. Cranberry is commonly used as a natural treatment for urinary tract infections or to protect against urinary tract infections. The diuretic effect of cranberries may not be as strong as some natural diuretics, but it is still an effect some dieters do not need. When starting any new diet, the body first pushes out water weight, especially when the diet is lower in carbohydrates and simple sugars. Taking a diuretic, even a mild one like Nature’s Bounty Cranberry, can cause the dieter to suffer from dehydration. The most common symptoms are dry skin and constipation.

Despite the diuretic qualities, there are healthy benefits of taking cranberry extracts or drinking cranberry juice. Clinical studies associate cranberries with reduced risk of heart disease and decreased bad cholesterol numbers. The healthiest means of taking cranberries is through all-natural juice without preservatives and added sugar.

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  • May help reduce heart disease and other heart related illnesses.
  • May help protect against urinary tract infections.


  • Cranberries have a diuretic effect.
  • Will not cause significant weight loss.
  • Will not boost metabolism.
  • May cause dehydration and constipation with prolonged use.
  • Capsules may not be as effective as all-natural juice.


Nature’s Bounty Cranberry is a zero calorie supplement that offers the benefit of cranberries. There are positive benefits associated with taking cranberry supplements, but dieters run the risk of becoming dehydrated because cranberries have natural diuretic qualities. As is the case with many natural supplements, the body absorbs vitamins and nutrients more effectively when they are taken in food form. Cranberries are relatively inexpensive and easy to juice. Taking a cranberry supplement in conjunction with other diuretics could increase the risk of negative side effects.

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