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Are you eating fatty fish two to three times a week? Most dieters eliminate fatty fish from their diet when trying to lose weight because of the large number of calories. When eliminating fatty fish, the dieter is eliminating a healthy source of fats that could reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and other heart related illness. Fish oil supplements help dieters achieve optimal health and reduce the risk of heart related disease. Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil even adds a bit of vitamin D3 to promote health bones. The supplement is not calorie-free, but it does contain far less calories than a serving of salmon or other fatty fish.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin D3, EPA, DHA and water.

Product Features

Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil contains 1,200 mg of fish oil. This is about middle of the road. There are supplements that contain more fish oil and supplements that contain less. When it comes to fish oil, more is better, but this supplement is a start in the right direction. Common side effects of taking fish oil supplements include indigestion and burping up a fish oil taste. These tend to disappear over time for most dieters.

Despite our reverent support for fish oil supplements, we are concerned about one ingredient on the list – water. We looked through several other ingredient lists for fish oil supplements and Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil was the only one that contained water. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, so it is not added to support this ingredient. Water is a liquid so it cannot be measured in milligrams.

Dieters may find more heart support from taking a supplement with more fish oil and less water. Water is often used as a filler in supplements and dieters don’t need fillers. What they need is active ingredients with proven health benefits. That is what EPA and DHA offer. Water is crucial for life, but not in supplement form.

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  • Contains heart healthy fish oil.
  • Supports heart health without the added calories of fatty fish.
  • The supplement can be purchased online from Nature’s Bounty.
  • A complete ingredient list is available online.


  • There is water in the fish oil supplement.
  • Contains about half of the fish oil in competitor products.
  • Will not support healthy metabolism or weight loss.


We love fish oil as part of a daily supplement program for improved health and reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, but the inclusion of water in the supplement leaves us a bit dismayed. There is no reason for water to be added to this supplement. We could understand if vitamin D was a water-soluble vitamin but that is not the case.

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    I bought This product, I wants to know wil it be usefull for weight loss?