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ZCA Stack is a product that is being promoted as a weight loss supplement. It appears as though it may have been invented by a company called The Experimental Nutritional Research and Development Team. It has been noted that this product may have been created in order to replace other products that contain Ephedra. The purpose of this review is to go over the information that has been made available to us in order to see if this product can actually produce the kind of results that have been claimed.


While researching ZCA Stack we found a list of the ingredients that make up the product’s formula. This list that we found consists of: Advantra-Z, Caffeine, and White Willow Bark.

Advantra-Z is actually a patented ingredient itself that contains the ingredient Synephrine. Some people claim that it may have the same or better fat burning, metabolism boosting, and appetite suppressing effects that the now-banned Ephedra did, while others worry that it may also offer some of the same health risks as those associated with that stimulant. Caffeine is well know as being an appetite suppressant and a fat burner. Although the White Willow may often be used as an anti-inflammatory agent, we have found information that suggests that it is not used as an anti-inflammatory agent in this product, but as a substance that may be able to prolong the effects of the product and to increase the fat oxidizing process.

Product Features

It does seem like some people may believe that this product may be a breakthrough for science within the weight loss industry. According to the ZCA Stack website, this product is supposed to help you to lose body fat and not body weight. It goes on to explain the difference in the two, stating that body weight is the combination of lean muscle, bone, and fat. Of course, dieters wouldn’t want to lose any muscle, so this product is claimed to be designed to only attack the fat, causing your weight loss to be strictly fat loss and not muscle loss. To sum it all up, it is supposed to allow you to keep your lean muscle and bone mass while your metabolic rate stays elevated, thus also elevating the rate in which you are able to burn fat. However, between the inclusion of Advantra-Z and caffeine, ZCA stack looks to us like a typical stimulant pill.

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  • No Ephedra.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Sale price listed.


  • ZCA Stack is intended for people with high blood pressure.
  • Potential interactions with certain drugs are likely.
  • Contains potent stimulant ingredients that may be associated with health risks, and which may cause “jitters.”


Although we would like to be believe that ZCA Stack can produce the same results as Ephedra without the same side effects, we found this to be highly unlikely (the jury is still out on Advantra-Z as a safe and effective metabolic stimulant.) Although the creators have taken the responsibility of listing the warnings, they seem to contradict many product ad claims. According to the website, it does not have the same side effects as Ephedra. Synephrine actually does carry similar side effects as Ephedra such as high blood pressure and nervousness. The only side effect that has not been found that can be found in Ephedra and not it Synephrine is the addictiveness. Ephedra is so addictive because it is so closely related to the Amphetamine family. These warnings may actually cause some people to look elsewhere for a simpler, less stimulating product than ZCA Stack.

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    Not sure if James Jac had taken this same stuff but I had bought a two month supply and this stuff is so gross. In fact that it smells and taste like cow manuer that I could’nt finish the first bottle. I’m not joking either, I would have that nasty manuer taste in my my all day, every day that I was taking it. Oh as for the weight lose, I could’nt give my opinion because I could’nt muster up the nerve to keep taking it for more than two weeks.


  • 2
    James Jacs

    I finished up the Dr Max Power Anabolic Stack yesterday. My weight is up a few lbs and I am leaner than where I started. I made the biggest strength gains I have ever made in such a short period of time and busted through some personal plateaus.