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Zenatrol, an ephedra-based fat burner, claims to help dieters lose a few pounds. Unlike other ephedra-based supplements, this one does not give dieters false hope that they can lose 50 pounds in just two weeks and look like a supermodel. However, we give that praise with tentative words because ephedra is controlled by the FDA. Diet companies lost the right to sell ephedra as a diet supplement several years ago, so this product is in violation of that FDA ruling. There is a chance that Foundation Nutraceuticals, the creators of Zenatrol, have included a legal extract of the ephedra plant, but the dieter has no idea if that is the case.

List of Ingredients


  • Ma Huang
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Bitter Orange
  • Kola Nut
  • Guarana Seed

Product Features

There’s not much to tell about the ingredient list for Zenatrol. Ma huang, bitter orange, kola nut and guarana are all stimulants. Stimulants increase heart rate so the body feels like it is exercising. More exercise means more weight loss, right? Not exactly.

When a dieter takes too much of one stimulant, or in this case many stimulants at the same time, the heart will soon race faster than healthy and blood pressure may rise. Heart palpitations and irregular heart beat are also associated with taking multiple stimulants.

There is a long warning listed at the bottom of the product description for Zenatrol. According to that warning, dieters with heart-related illnesses or disease, thyroid problems, psychiatric conditions and recurring headaches should not take this supplement. In all capital letters the description goes on to read “Improper Usage of This Product May be Dangerous to a Person’s Health.” That is enough of a warning for us to give Zenatrol the red flag.

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  • Contains caffeine – a proven weight loss stimulant.
  • Warns dieters not to take the supplement if they have certain medical conditions.
  • Includes a warning about health issues and possible risk to health openly in the product description.


  • Contains four stimulants.
  • Claims to contain ephedra.
  • Not safe for dieters with many health conditions.
  • May interfere with prescription medications.


Zenatrol is one of the few diet supplements that contains ephedra to report a possible risk to health with overuse. We are thrilled the company makes this warning open to the reader, but we also think the company could be using this warning as a marketing tactic. Similar warnings were listed for ephedra products when it was legal, so why not use the same wording to sell an ephedra product like Zenatrol.

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