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Zenbev, by Biosential, is a powdered drink mix that claims to promote tranquility. The powder is to be used for insomnia and difficulty sleeping. There is only one ingredient in Zenbev and that ingredient is not commonly used to increase metabolism or fat burning.

The official website for Zenbev offers a complete FAQs section with ingredient information. The consumer can contact the company with questions or order Zenbev directly from the main website. One jar of Zenbev, which is supposed to last 30 days at a dose of two tablespoons a day, retails for $34.99.

List of Ingredients

Organic pumpkin seeds, dextrose and rice starch.

Product Features

Zenbev uses tryptophan pulled from pumpkin seeds to help the user fall asleep faster. According to the FAQs section of the website, the supplement is not habit forming. Tryptophan is the chemical found in some meats, like turkey, that calms the body and mind. Typically, tryptophan is associated with sleepiness that is often felt after a turkey-based meal.

There is no scientific evidence that tryptophan helps a dieter lose more weight by increasing metabolism or curbing appetite. Dieters may feel sleepier after taking Zenbev, but the claims of better sleep and decreased time spent falling asleep are not supported with clinical trial information from the Zenbev company.

While Zenbev is not addictive, there is a medical warning on the website regarding taking the supplement with medications that can cause drowsiness. Anti-depressants and sleep medications fall into this category. There is also information stating that melatonin, which may be naturally increased when Zenbev is taken, becomes inactive in the presence of natural or artificial light. This means Zenbev will only work to promote sleep if taken at night.

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  • All natural ingredients.
  • Priced lower than many prescription sleep medications.
  • Non-habit forming.


  • Will not increase weight loss.
  • Zenbev does not provide clinical support for the supplement.
  • Only people trying to fall asleep at night can benefit from the supplement.


Zenbev is not a weight loss supplement and should not be taken as such. In order for a weight loss supplement to work, dieters need to consume some form of metabolism booster. Zenbev works in the body in an opposite manner to the needed function to increase heart rate and weight loss. Patients taking prescription medications for insomnia or depression should not take Zenbev, but this information is hidden in the FAQs section. All-in-all, the product may work for people who have trouble falling asleep at night, but would not necessarily work any better than a melatonin or valerian root supplement marketed for the same reason. If tryptophan increases melatonin naturally, the consumer may find more sleep support from taking straight melatonin.

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    Yeh min

    You product: “zen eve lemon citron 750 g” is useful black plastic bag. It ?


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    I live in leamington ontario and would like to know where I can purchase Zenbev


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    laurie freeman

    currently on some heart drugs, is there any problen? my wife and I are in our late 70,s is it efective at this age?