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Zenergy Fitness is a medical weight loss center focusing on total body health and wellness with the support of a physician. The program offers medical support from Dr. Lonsdorfer who takes personal clients for medical care. There is reference to medical weight loss, menopause, hormonal problems and trainers on the official website. Details about the program are listed on the website, but the price list gives a great overview of the weight loss support given at Zenergy Fitness.

List of Ingredients

Hormonal weight loss solutions with exercise.

Product Features

The price list for Zenergy Fitness includes evaluations from Dr. Lonsdorfer and supplementation with HCG and other injections. Listed supplementation includes Vitamin B complex, B12 and Lipotropic injections. In addition to weight loss support, the doctor also offers health care support for singles, couples and families. There is a $500 sign up fee and a yearly fee associated with how many people are covered on the plan. Singles pay $2,500 a year, couples $4,000 a year and families $6,000 a year. This fee covers doctor’s visits, but no outside services such as hospitals and lab work.

In terms of weight loss, the first four week program costs $400. This covers a hormone evaluation and weekly visits and supplements from the doctor. The phases of weight loss continue at $350 per month until the dieter enters into maintenance phase. The maintenance phase costs $250 a week. There is a long list of other costs associated with the program.

We have some major concerns about a gym that specializes in medical care. There is no mention of insurance billing, but huge prices for what looks like personal or private doctor’s care involving injections and supplementation that is not proven to improve weight loss. The pictures on the official website show the gym, but there are no pictures of Dr. Lonsdorfer or any mention of where he was educated or if he is a licensed doctor. The website is laden with spelling and grammatical errors which adds another level of concern.

Zumba classes are listed on the front page of the website. Zumba is a new fitness craze that is appropriate for people of all fitness levels. This is the only positive we could find about Zenergy Fitness.

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  • Offers Zumba fitness.
  • Information and prices online.


  • The weight loss program is very expensive.
  • There is no mention of where the doctor was educated or if he is a licensed doctor.
  • Dieters may wonder if they have to join the weight loss program to attend classes.
  • HCG is not a healthy weight loss choice.
  • Not every is deficient in Vitamin B complex or B12 to need injections.


There is something about a doctor running out of a gym that does not sit well with us. We support healthy weight loss and fitness, but this is a bit more than that. Patients, as we assume they are called, will be receiving injections of HCG and other supplements during weight loss.

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