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If you are interested in losing excess weight, you should know that there are several options regarding fat burning, appetite suppression, daily exercise regimens, and healthy eating programs. Often women and men require a combination of these options in order to shed unwanted pounds. In this review, we are going to examine a product called Zenitrim. It is one of countless dietary formulas on the market today. The cost of this product is $57 for a one-month supply. On the bright side, it is sold with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

List of Ingredients

1400 Milligrams of Glucomannan (a proprietary blend of Konjac Root and Fiber).

Product Features

Zenitrim is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured by MicroNutra Health, and can be acquired over-the-counter. Like some other supplements for weight loss, this product allows you to eat the foods you enjoy. Put simply, Zenitrim contains an ingredient that blocks the absorption of carbohydrates. This way you consume them, but your body does not store them as fat. Carbs are basically eliminated from the body.

The core ingredient used in Zenitrim is Glucomannan. This fiber-based substance forms a gel in your stomach, when combined with water. This allows you to feel full, and is supposed to help pull toxins and impurities out of your colon. MicroNutra Health encourages you to incorporate both proper nutrition and regular exercise with Zenitrim. This will maximize your weight loss results. Like most weight reduction supplements, this product can be taken daily. Unfortunately there is no real clinical research presented to support the claimed effects of Zenitrim. This diet product is suitable for both women and men alike. Just keep in mind that Zenitrim may lead to abdominal discomfort, excess gas, and bloating.

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  • This diet product is free of caffeine.
  • Zenitrim may encourage more regular bowel movements.
  • There is a 90-day money-back guarantee offered with this product.


  • The primary website comes across like an infomercial.
  • There is minimal data provided on the supplement itself.
  • There are some negative reviews posted online pertaining to Zenitrim.
  • This product is not FDA approved.
  • No clinical data is provided as support.


All in all, Zenitrim is essentially a fiber-based product that may assist with regularity and gastric emptying. As you may know, it is healthy to have a clean colon, and it can also be beneficial to weight loss. However, the pitch for Zenitrim is a tad confusing. While it is stated that you can eat what you want and not gain weight, it is also stated that you should consume a healthy diet, and exercise regularly. On the bright side, Zenitrim may curb your appetite to some degree, since it contains ample fiber, which expands in the stomach.

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