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It can be a challenge sorting through the mess of dietary supplements and weight loss products. However, it definitely helps to know as much as you can about each product before you give it a try. This is the best way to stay safe, and truly pinpoint a product that can benefit you and your weight loss goals. During your search for the right product, you may come across Zeolite. This is a natural mineral supplement that can be taken daily by both women and men to potentially improve overall health.

Unlike most dietary supplements on the market today, Zeolite actually comes from volcanoes. The purpose of this product is to remove harmful toxins from the user’s body, and regulate internal PH levels. In the long run, this may be able to decrease your chances of getting cancer. The official website posts some medical doctor reviews concerning the primary ingredient in Zeolite, which is Zeolite. As you may have guessed at this point, Zeolite is not a product that aids with weight loss or fat reduction.

List of Ingredients

Zeolite (a natural mineral).

Product Features

Put simply, Zeolite is a natural, volcanic mineral. It can be taken as a supplement to potentially draw toxins from the user’s body, help minimize the risk of cancer, and balance the body’s PH levels. According to the official website, Zeolite is totally safe when taken at any level. It is even stated to be safe for pregnant women, children and pets. This powder formula has no taste, and no documented side effects. It may take up to 90 days before users see real results with Zeolite. However, results can vary from individual to individual. A single container of Zeolite Pure sells for $59.99, and contains 88 servings (a single serving is one teaspoon of powder, which can be mixed with water). There are also capsule formulas available, such as Zeolite-AV ($39.99) and Destroxin ($24.99), which both contain the same core ingredient.

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  • This product may assist with drawing harmful toxins out of the user’s body.
  • Zeolite comes in a convenient powder form.
  • This product is all natural with no other ingredients added.


  • Zeolite does not endeavor to aid with weight reduction.
  • Testimonials from past users are not presented on the official website.
  • This supplement formula does not aim to boost thermo genesis.
  • There does not appear to be a satisfaction guarantee offered with Zeolite.


If you are a dieter seeking out assistance with weight loss or fat reduction, Zeolite is not likely the formula for you. While this natural mineral supplement may help regulate PH levels and cleanse the body of toxins, it does not boost thermo genesis, burn calories or suppress appetite. Therefore you should take a look at some of the other products available on the weight loss market today.

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    paul mathew

    what are the method of synthesizing zeolite zsm-5, what is the best method and why si that the best method


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    will this suff kill u?


  • 3

    can Zeolite help some one with scelroderma and in what way can you send me some feed back please


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    Zeolites are minerals that are formed in volcanic eruptions. As volcanic ash is spewed into the atmosphere and lava pours into the sea, the combination of lava, ash, and salt cause a chemical reaction which form zeolites.